Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day Six

after lunch we set off to feed the birds
maybe the cat too
if she showed up...
no sooner than I called here kitty kitty...

some comes meowing our way
she alternates between eating and demanding pats
she tagged along for a while
than ran in front of us to perform
some adorable "rollies"
earning an extra handful of treats
Plenty of progress in the sewing room
nothing photo worthy yet
you know how it often gets worse first...
empty baskets and containers
awaiting their next assignment
(off to the wool room I suppose)
switching things between rooms
not really getting the room ready for creating
just tired of the clutter
the dust
the cat hair!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vaction Day 5

a few before shots of the
sewing/file room today
tomorrow I'll share the after/in progress version
Dad fixed the closet up for Mom years ago
to the right is the sewing machine
in front of a largish window
a place Melrose love to perch
this morning he and Olivia were very interested
in my sewing
finally got some pants hemmed for Mom
purchased during the summer
(or Spring)

the opposite side of the room
it's beyond a catchall spot at this point
hmmm...that blue thing
is a painters cloth from August maybe
the rest of the room is no better
my vacation has been delightfully boring
time to putter around the house
with no deadlines
nothing I need to do but visit Mom every day

a little blurry
but you get the idea
this is a small amount of our stash
I've filled two large plastic totes
with fabric to donate somewhere...
much more to go through
taking my time
just needing to clear some room for paperwork again
since I'm trying/failing
to keep it off the kitchen table
Melrose is on oven watch
in case the door flies open
he'll be first to the chicken breasts...
Happy Wednesday!

I hate this very nice dark green cupboard
only because
I choose it instead of a more prim
early blue piece
which I've regretted ever since

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Embracing Whatever

when this comic showed up in my inbox yesterday
I knew exactly what my plan for today would be
seems with no plan at all
I got plenty of work done before seeing Mom
even marked a small rug to hook
(Lori's cat from FB)
Mom and I visited with the cat today
we named her Kit Kat
we found her dozing in the sun as usual
happy for our treats and petting
she followed us around for a while
then decided to chase some birds...
then I did some weaving
while Mom rolled strips and checked out the birds
she tries to be brave
I know how sad she is living there
our daily heartbreak
no matter what
nothing can make up for not being home
she does understand why she has to stay
her ability to understand most ideas has improved so much
every day she asks why no one knows Grandma's phone number
where is her father? (she means her husband)
she gets over it faster
or sometimes she says she won't ask again
because we only make up excuses...
this occurs for just a few minutes
her mind moves on to something else
the sadness lingers in me
Mom is so kind
she worries about the other residents...
if they are sitting alone or looking down
she rolls over to them
holds their hands
tells them she loves then ~ is their friend
it's wonderful to see a face light up
to see them reach out for her when she goes by
for each of us
knowing sadness teaches us what we need
in offering it to others
we fill our hearts as well as theirs
I've always said lucky me
for having such great parents
every day with Mom
I'm the lucky one

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vacation Diary: Day Three

Home Sweet Home
1950's ranch
1800 square feet of a hot mess!
the brick is brown
destined to be painted someday...
the stain under the front window
is from the awful painters this summer
doesn't come off
as I save for all the work I want done
I'm planning new colors...
because that brown has to go...
if I can get outside before it rains
those messy hedges will be trimmed today
someday I'd like them gone
replaced by a little picket fence

the messy garage
that I was going to clean out yesterday
still a mess
my body demanded an all afternoon
all evening
so today I will start with the above corner...

I think the bottled water is from 1999
need to move paint inside
before it gets too cold

this area is mostly my fault
 itching to paint the walls and shelves
that's way down on the list though

this corner has all the practical junk
stuff I wouldn't know how to use
even if I knew what it's for
we won't get in to the rafters...
also known as Olivia's Jungle
Yesterday with Mom was nice
we had another walk outside after lunch
feeding the birds
chatting with the kitty
feeding the kitty the cat food that was in my pocket
we worked on the rag strips for a while
went through a basket of small pieces of quilt fabric
when I left
most ladies were in their rooms
or at church service...
Mom was rolling around checking everything out
she is feeling so much better
than the past few weeks
headaches mostly gone
sinus or allergies probably
I haven't been able to get anyone
to supply me with CT scan results yet
(weekends are incredibly short staffed)
I am working on getting those labels
in all of her clothing
so I can have the facility take care of them
dragging my feet
feeling guilty about it, of course...
no need to tell me not to feel this way
I know
Today is going to be a good one

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vacation Diary: Day 2

today is set aside for decluttering
the garage and barn (shed size)
 cleaning as I go...
there is so much stuff out there
I'm going to start in one corner
work my way around
making a list for later
doors and walls need scrubbed and repainted
that can wait
I am ready to purge
this garage filled by parents of the great depression
not sure what to do with
the chemical type products...
for now they will have their own shelf 

I've been itching to clean and organize out there
for a long time
Dad had it well organized
over time the rest of us just set things down wherever
Today Mom and I will putter around with fabric
she also loves to trim the threads off the mats
quiet time together is our favorite
yesterday at bingo we sat with another resident
and her two daughters
later mom said they sure talk a lot
even more than my sister Deb and I !!!
Happy Sunday

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A New Friend

after lunch we took a stroll
around to the large courtyard
Mom wanted to go in
but I asked to sit on the patio for a few minutes
before I sat down
the complaining started
from off to our left we see this little cat heading our way
meowing up a storm!
everyone else has seen her
hanging around the facility before
today was my first time
she looks healthy and well cared for
hoping she is from the neighborhood
down the hill
she sure has a set of lungs on her

please pet me

yep, just like that

next thing you know
she's on moms lap
giving her the once over
mom does love cats
usually not on her lap

settling in for a nap

after a few minutes
we moved the cat to my lap...
I have never met a friendlier cat
will keep an eye out for her as the weather changes
if she needs a home
she's got one with me

Vacation Diary: Day 1 Begins

oh happy dance here I come
my chores are done
Chris Farley
reminds my why I shall never wear a tutu

 I love tutus
they make me smile
especially on this little pug

only seven days of freedom
from washing my hands a thousand times a day
that alone is beyond wonderful

apologies in advance
to my cats
if I dance around the house dressed like this
I'm not built for it
Hope you have a great day!
I'm taking a huge basket of small pieces of fabric
for Mom and I to sort through
organize by color
then there is bingo
a walk outside
I always ask what I can bring her tomorrow
she always says the same thing
just you


Friday, October 10, 2014


it's been one of those weeks at work
Murphy's Law in full swing
am on vacation for a week starting tomorrow
at home my brain can derail all it wants!
I might even have to bake this week
there isn't a good pumpkin muffin to be found around here
or even pumpkin bread...
they are all blah and under baked

a couple more things to try
with all that pumpkin puree I have...
prim perfection
I love shelves behind screens...

more cupboards to love
folks always ask how my house is decorated
this one is a cluttered mess
I've made few changes in Mom's d├ęcor
still working on cleaning and clearing out
most of my things are packed away
many sitting exactly where I sat them 16 months ago
in the garage or barn
it's just not a priority right now
during my week off I'll do outdoor fall cleanup
order some new thermal backed drapes
all sorts of boring chores
just what I need right now
I am at peace with life
enjoying each day and whatever it brings
something still very new to me

Friday, October 3, 2014

Red and Green

not the most exciting mat
using mostly green and red homespun
lots of buffalo plaid olive/black
at some point it was intended for curtains
yards and yards of it
I'm sure it'll be wonderful when finished
perfect for holiday decorating
right now
Mom and I are both ready for more color
which there is plenty of after organizing more fabric
just have to get over
saving it all for quilts...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finding Balance

I have lots of Shaker boxes
none as drop dead gorgeous as these!

no pumpkins for me this year
will just enjoy them as I pass by...

a new nurse today
after lunch she realized she'd missed this
Mom promised 10 minutes
lasted about 5
she hates her breathing treatments!
I'm still struggling with finding balance
trying to make my time with Mom quality
today was wonderful...
spent about 5 hours there
walking outside...checking out foliage and bird feeders
inside for fabric rolling, weaving
just hanging out together peacefully
another walk
trying to get all the fresh air we can
feeling guilty not staying until bed time
 I have to have a few hours for me
on my day off
otherwise I come home and crash
tonight I have been able to sort through some fabric
the piles to get rid of are growing
need to find a local gal or group
that can use a bunch of fabric...scraps and yardage
going through it is bittersweet
knowing how she loved it
loved her applique
knowing she's not stitching anymore

Sunday, September 28, 2014


by assisted living main entrance
Mom and I had a good afternoon
a long walk outside
church music sing along
worship service
still can't believe she agreed to singing and church
first time since she's been there
she's looking forward to next week

the entrance I use to visit Mom
When I left today
Mom was sitting in the common room
watching Kindergarten Cop with another resident
the aides were at their table
getting decorations ready for the hall/wing
there is a contest underway between the aides
tomorrow I'm getting Mom's room decked out
with pumpkins, sunflowers, crows
a couple hooked rugs
will be sure to take photos to share