Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hooking Along

back to work on the chairpads...
my stash of red worms seems endless

thinking of a pumpkin chairpad for myself
or more likely my sister...
maybe using these sort of drab colors
 if there are enough in the worm stash

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Other Day

Mom takes her puzzles very seriously...
Ann looks on and gives us pointers when needed

Ann's having some serious health issues
that can sure use our prayers
she's such a sweetheart

she and Mom have been like two peas in a pod
this photo was taken Monday

love these thread winder / floss holders from
Lori and Peter are adorable
Mom and Ann went nuts when I took them out of the package

Mom says there is only one problem...
they need a little hole at the top
so you can hang them up and look at them
(she loses things easily)

she agrees with me that this is only the start
of my new collection! 
I love them just the way they are...


Monday, August 22, 2016

Two Little Cats

such a fun little rug
about 11 x 21
there might be a little tweaking before the binding
very little
I'm pretty happy with it

now to decide
do I keep or sell?

see those worms on the right...
that's all that is left of the background
yes, I do have more that I could have stripped
part of the fun is using up my worms


another chair pad is next on the frame
they are drawn up and ready to go...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pumpkin and Cats

adapted from one of my older designs
still hooking from the worm baskets
I'm going to concentrate on backgrounds
once I started stripping for rugs again
it might be a while...
after this one I'm going back to the chair pads

 another oldie...
some freebie patterns for you
please give credit to me when creating
no selling of pattern in any form
no mass producing and so on

spoiled little monkey

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day

 looking through some old photo albums
I came across some punch needle pieces
of dark grey and black cats...
I have no memory of this one
not even a little

Roscoe on the Pumpkin
this one I do remember
it was going to be first in a series of Roscoe pieces
turned out to be first
and only 

sort of remember these...
oh memory where have you gone?

except for Olivia
she's more about black cat leave me alone day...
which so far is never

Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Pumpkins

hooked by me
design by Kentucky Primitives
(adapted from a doll pattern)

one of my designs...
punched by me

same design 
hooked by Dierdre 
The Old Rose Cottage on ebay/etsy
(she one of my favorite hookers-designers)

another one of mine...
I think this was a giveaway prize
hooked so many pumpkins who can remember?

a rug that is no more
design by Lori Brechlin

was never pleased with hook it was hooked
I unhooked the whole thing
reused the wool and backing

there is a new pumpkin rug on the frame
will share when some progress has been made

Friday, August 12, 2016

Pumpkins From My Past

 these pumkpin pieces are all my designs
all punched or hooked by me...
this one is a favorite

not my favorite piece...
but I do love the pumpkin

another favorite
sold ages ago...might need to hook another 

great for using up scraps!

great fun too hook

a very happy little piece

I've hooked many more pumpkins
during my detour this morning I came across 
a few I've kept

my detour...
straightening the sewing room for drapery sewing
has turned into rearranging furniture in 2 rooms
some girls never learn

Wishing you a great day!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thinking Cool

love the cool look of this room
definitely not the amber knotty pine I see daily
at home...

I have a few extra days off next week
stitching up some new drapes
for my living room is at the top of the list

currently they are navy with a small floral print
have I ever mentioned how much 
the color navy bothers me...
always has

three windows
none are a "normal" size...

also planning to list some items for sale
mostly my Halloween collection
we'll see if I can get some decent photos
really sweet pieces of chalkware by Ginger Schrader
just not into Halloween anymore...

hooking you ask...
more on that another day

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Me vs The Sewing Machine

I will learn how to change the setting to zig zag
or dig out my old machine
 after a few hours of trying...

please send me some good wishes and a few extra brain cells!

 see that cabinet under Olivia...
that's my sewing machine
in a corner for 3 years 
behind all sorts of sewing room stuff

his safe spot
I never bother him for brushing 
when he's on this old footstool
in the "junk" room

looking at that belly
you'd think I never brushed him
looks like it's time for the Furminator...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Blue Hearts

nearly there...