Wednesday, April 16, 2014

She's Okay

she's okay
but prayers are most definitely needed
late yesterday afternoon
mom was peacefully reading in her room
eating some of her favorite white cheddar popcorn
she dropped a piece and bent over to pick it up
out of the wheelchair she goes (again)
she's been checked over
and is having frequent vitals taken
the facility did put some anti tip brakes
on the wheelchair
we're going to see why it wasn't done
after the first fall last month
Mom is in good spirits
she really brightened up when
her new companion
Joyce arrived
my day off so I took off to do some errands
like buy a new washing machine
(done ~ being installed Monday)
finding a new bird feeder
for Mom
resting a bit
then going back before Joyce leaves
might just fall asleep in the chair
next to her bed
we are both good nappers these days

Monday, April 14, 2014


 yep, the old washing machine gave up on Saturday
it's one of those try to have it repaired or
just replace it questions...
not even going to think on it a second longer
will be heading to Lowe's
on my day off to pick out a new one
of course it stopped working when full
of cold water
at least there were only two fluffy fleece
jackets inside
the laundry area will never look like this
but I like the colors
there is a large closet with louvered doors
across from washer, dryer and sink
might be a good project
now that I find physical labor relaxing
over the weekend it was spring lawn clean up
and a little car washing and waxing
warm and breezy days
Mom loved all our walks outside
already got one in with her this morning
going to cool off and rain later
maybe snow overnight

Sunday, April 13, 2014

They Say She's Spoiled

These are new puzzles
in the car
for Mom to enjoy

The reason they are waiting...
this set of tiles was opened up for the first time yesterday
so many different ways to arrange the tiles
by color
by face, by food
or put down a row of four with one being odd
"which one doesn't belong"
We had fun yesterday until Mom
started nodding off...
must have been our long walk outside
70* and a little breezy
We often take our games
to the dining area
more light with all the windows
and other people around
who stop and visit...
Everyone says I spoil her
she sometimes says so too
I say I never do

Saturday, April 12, 2014


the hardest decision ever
in a season of hard decisions...
it really boiled down to my health
and what would happen to Mom
if I get sick...
serious like surgery, hospitalization
 or even a bad flu
with my health issues
this is a real possibility
I have no real back up
Mom is in a great facility now
if I take her out
there is little chance of her getting
back in if needed
so going with my head
over my heart
One of these days
I'll get a few of my patterns on linen
for sale in my etsy shop...
there are so many things
I want to get for Mom
found a great site for memory activities
my wish list is long
as she moves from the middle to late stage
it's all changing
her hands are getting less
able to do what she wants them to
harder to pick up puzzles pieces
and stitching...
ah, the greatest loss to her
thanks oh so very much
for your comments and emails
every word did my heart good
once I get all our paperwork done
to purchase her house
get her on Medicaid and whatever else comes up
I'll work on getting myself healthy as possible
my ultimate dream is to bring her home
while she still remembers it

Friday, April 4, 2014

Making Decisions


my brain has been the scary place for months
mulling over decisions made
and needing to be made
the road I'm on has been a tough one
and I've been considering
a huge change
having Mom at Woodlands has been
hard on her
harder on me I think
in so many ways it's the right thing

I have been considering bringing her home
quitting my job
changing our lives
so many pros and cons
to me it boils down to our mental well being
we would both be happier
financially it's not ideal
for me to leave my job
with health care
but I've been doing number crunching
health wise I'm a wreck
and feel losing 90% of the stress in my life will help
will this be better for Mom
how can I know
mentally she will be happy
can I take care of her health adequately
we will having home physical therapy
vising nurse
and so on

thoughts and opinions are welcome
I know finding a job in my field
later will be next to impossible
maybe there will be another road

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Girl

my sister Judy just sent this
she and Mom were
working on a new puzzle today
we had a great day yesterday
warm enough to be outside for 2 long walks...
 paved walkways at the facility

Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilt Love

Mom love this book
especially the quilt on the cover...
she has it on her little table
looking through it often
telling me she has three quilts
picked out
to stitch for us girls
when she gets home
Her hands don't work like they used to
she can barely get through her name
with lots of encouragement
But dreaming of fabric
stitching quilts
sharing with her daughters
brings such a sparkle to her eyes
I recently found out our most local quilt shop
is going out of business
on the 15th of next month
everything will be 50% off
I told Mom about it and she feels bad
after all
the owner is only 85 years old!
when I asked her what she wanted
she said all of it
I asked if she was sure
since we already have so much at home
so she amended her request
only all of the
and batting
no need for anything else

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Other Day

these two are always at the feeders

a very popular spot most days

quilt pieces mom loves
Bonanza or Gunsmoke on TV

Mom working on a smile
 I sure do love this gal

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Always Feeding the Birds

not our bird feeder
but we can dream of it
I have to download some pictures
of Mom's new bird feeders
there are now three on Shepard's hooks
such a treat for her all day
we are hoping at some point
for her to trade rooms
hers looks out on to a small yard
with walls all around
she would prefer to see trees
my plate is overflowing as always
winding up her taxes
paperwork for insurance and everything else possible
getting my affairs in order
to purchase the house
the reason I fall behind on paperwork
phone calls
and housework
is my priority...
spending time with Mom
her face lights up when she sees me
what more can I say

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Catching Up

the photo has nothing to do with the post
I just like this little quilt...
Many of you will remember Cindy's boys
the three older boys who lost their mother suddenly
until last fall they were able to keep the house
and live there together
with all that was going on in my life
I can't recall if it was November or December
but their house caught fire and remains a standing shell
I haven't talked to any of them since
nor their aunt down the street...
hoping to see them at the house as the weather gets nicer
I've posted a little on Facebook lately
about Mom's fall, ER visit and subsequent
new injury to her knee
the staples in her head should come out tomorrow
the impaction and new fracture to her knee
was minimal according to her orthopedic surgeon
so there were minor changes to her therapy
a small set back
on Thursday she reached her insurance limit
on the stay and therapy for her injury...
we are now on self pay
and waiting to hear what will be covered therapy wise
so that means we're working to get her
approved for Medicaid
I will be buying the house from her now
selling the back lot if possible
more paperwork and phone calls
all taking time away from
my visiting Mom
we'll be spending money on long needed
home repairs...
no real updates since they built it in 1952
I do make Mom laugh when I promise
I'm not rearranging furniture
the way I love to...
it will all work out
we haven't told Mom she's staying there
she is already so depressed
wanting to come home
some days are good
we enjoy puzzles, talking to the other ladies
and my "torturing her"
by having her color and do memory games
Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers
I don't answer much email or post on blogs
but I enjoying reading them