Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Favorite Oldie

this photo has to be about 10 years old
my front stoop the year I went (extra) pumpkin crazy
much loved rug design by Brenis Thompson
Circle Whimsy
would love to hook another in different colors...
maybe I can tall her in to drawing one up
the days are flying by
good and bad alike
we get through them with prayer, laughter and tears
the weather is perfect for Mom and I
took take walks outside
checking out the sunflowers, chipmunks, bird feeders
think I'll sneak some pumpkins under her bird feeder
once I hit the farm market
stopped by this one yesterday for Honey Crisp apples...
I should be working on the layers of dust
accumulating around here
yeah right

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meandering For Now

Mom has been doing so good lately
she is much less anxious, much more at home at the facility
she frequently wants to see what everyone else is doing
much less interested in hanging out with us
exactly what we've all been praying for
she also seems to be much better mentally
able to sign her name again
whipping through 100 piece puzzles
asking where specific articles of clothing are
we are so blessed with this facility
not perfect by far
mostly because they seem to always be short staffed
many days I help with lunch service
once a waitress...
it's fun because I can talk to each of the ladies
as long as Mom as occupied!!!
otherwise I get the jealous look
Her being at peace has sure helped me too
I feel more like me
Am sure part of it is getting the house purchased
it will be months and months before
we will get her on Medicaid
money from house will pay for facility
(right now almost 30 K owed)
then whatever they make me pay for home repairs
but we are nearly there
so for now
I will clean and organize the house
have been here about 15 months
some things haven't been moved since then
so many other priorities
I'm tired of clutter and dust
not in the mood to create just yet
plus I want to use up all the paint on the exterior
enjoy being outside without the pressure
Because the my credit union paid my share of the closing costs
(being a first time home buyer)
I ended up getting money back
Thanks Navy Federal
my friend Jo suggested I purchase a snow blower
good idea
 I'll just put the money aside to pay someone to plow
waiting for pumpkins
to show up at my favorite farm market
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Mom and Deb
on the tomato run yesterday
love the smiles

Thursday, September 11, 2014


my dream of many
my real house...
finally closing tomorrow afternoon
next on to the Medicaid approval
  moon and sky were amazing
the other night when I left work

these were taken in the parking lot
you know what I thought, of course
hooked rug!
please say a prayer for my coworker and friend Trent
he had emergency surgery last night
he's been feeling off lately
 kept coming to work - going to school
he has a high tolerance for pain
so didn't realize how serious his "stomach ache" was
now there is infection and
possible long term repercussions
he's only 21
going to school for his second degree
on this sad day I remember
thinking of how our world has changed
how so many lives were altered
will there ever be peace

Monday, September 8, 2014


yesterday after lunch mom and I
went back to her room to work on weaving
she decided to give her roommate some of her candy
so she got out a Ziploc bag
(her top draw is filled with lots of odds and ends)

before putting Sour Patch Kids in the bag
Mom checked to see if she liked sour things...
That's my Mom
always sharing and keeping an eye on other residents
she's concerned for a while if someone doesn't eat
but if they do it every day
she thinks they should just stay in their rooms...
the things she comes up with
if all goes as planned
I'll be closing on Friday
not that far off from the original date of August 22
second appraiser was here today
another appraisal needed for Medicaid
my sister and her husband will be here Wednesday
I have a little work for them to do
in the mornings before Mom
mostly outside
chopping out old bushes
she loves that sort of work

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Most Random

love this image
reminds me of the work needed
to get the house back in shape
appraisal came back less than I'd hoped
once purchased
I can get the tax assessor to reevaluate
that will help with Medicaid
I will still need to pay back about 10K
in what Medicaid considers misuse of funds
(repairs to the house because I am purchasing)
panic attack yesterday morning
hate those
I take a Xanax as soon as I feel one coming on
doesn't stop it
but at least I don't feel like I'm going to die
Mom signed the papers for title agency
no problem...her signature was wonderful!
she is truly getting better in so many ways
yesterday she walked at least 30 feet in therapy
with a walker
held up with belt by PT personnel
she's back in therapy this week

Mom normally balks at working with male therapists
but this man is very personable and kind

so exciting to see this
she tells me how hard she's trying
even when she'd rather rest

my local sister is off on vacation starting today
NC sister and husband we be
here Wednesday for a few days
hoping to get mom out two days
one trip to the favorite farm market
one trip to the park with ice cream, of course!
my heart is not in creating right now
visions of chalk ware type Santas
are flitting around my brain
not ready to get on paper yet
my $2014 saved in 2014
looks to be falling short...
so maybe by the time I close on the house
(hoping next week or so)
I can get busy with the designs
Wishing you all a great weekend
I'll be working
weekends are my favorite...
I'm in charge and work with good people

Melrose can see the birds
and me
 from his spot on the windowsill
usually looks at me the most

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Tomorrow

just wasted half the day
doing the heavy duty cleaning
tomorrow morning will catch the rest
before the appraiser gets here after noon...
praying for a low appraisal
since I'm buying the house
any extra $ will go in to repairs and updating
this poor neglected house
is starting to look so much better
with the painting, scrubbing and extreme weeding
I need to schedule another appraisal
Medicaid requires 3 if a family member
is the purchaser...
more wasted time
wasted money (it's $375 per)
Hoping I can close next week...
say a prayer for a low appraisal if you will

Sunday, August 31, 2014


should be able to complete the weaving tomorrow
then start on the more colorful type
mom prefers
I'll be cutting more strips soon
as in as soon as my hand gets some rest
from all the painting
one more coat in the bathroom tomorrow
then away go brushes for a while!!!

Sooner or Later

this church is the inspiration
for one of my new designs...
it is slow going right now with all the work
I'm doing at the house
many years of neglect
to overcome by repairing and replacing
a lot of work
but great satisfaction returning this house
to a better condition
I talk to Dad daily while I work
Mom and I say we know he's happy
seeing me care for his handiwork...
yesterday we were watching
This Old House
they were working on bricks and mortar
Mom said she was the mixer
when they built this house
so much of this, that and the other
into the wheelbarrow
then she stirred with a shovel
plenty of good memories to share

Monday, August 25, 2014

Third Placemat

hung out with mom all afternoon
this morning I stepped on a piece of glass
cutting the bottom of my foot
a good excuse to sit around with my feet up
am going to soak it in a few
then wrap it up
no more barefoot walking for me
can you see the problem with this placemat?
I forgot to put the long metal strips in place
until I got a few rows on
decide to keep going
this one will be for me for sure
it will always be a reminder
of a good afternoon spent with mom
even if she was in and out of the room
on some sort of gossip mission
whatever she was up to
it kept her pleasant and interested

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Job Complete?

these photos are of the back and side of the garage
instead of doing the work
they took the wood from a dismantled picnic table
and leaned it up all along the base of the walls
that was my tipping point
deliberately trying to hide their lack of work
it was more like an arrow to me
since the wood is destined for the garbage
I'm not sure if it's laziness
or thinking I'm not clever enough to see the ruse
either way
I'm not paying much for this shoddy work
I have dozens of before and after photos
if they want to take me to small claims court

guess who is coming back tomorrow
to do a walk through with me
these were a few of the areas I pointed out
the last day they were here
obviously my voice was just noise
wop wap wap
(like Charlie Brown's teacher)
at this point
it looks like I'll be completing the work myself
except the high parts...
what a learning experience