Monday, August 25, 2014

Third Placemat

hung out with mom all afternoon
this morning I stepped on a piece of glass
cutting the bottom of my foot
a good excuse to sit around with my feet up
am going to soak it in a few
then wrap it up
no more barefoot walking for me
can you see the problem with this placemat?
I forgot to put the long metal strips in place
until I got a few rows on
decide to keep going
this one will be for me for sure
it will always be a reminder
of a good afternoon spent with mom
even if she was in and out of the room
on some sort of gossip mission
whatever she was up to
it kept her pleasant and interested

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Job Complete?

these photos are of the back and side of the garage
instead of doing the work
they took the wood from a dismantled picnic table
and leaned it up all along the base of the walls
that was my tipping point
deliberately trying to hide their lack of work
it was more like an arrow to me
since the wood is destined for the garbage
I'm not sure if it's laziness
or thinking I'm not clever enough to see the ruse
either way
I'm not paying much for this shoddy work
I have dozens of before and after photos
if they want to take me to small claims court

guess who is coming back tomorrow
to do a walk through with me
these were a few of the areas I pointed out
the last day they were here
obviously my voice was just noise
wop wap wap
(like Charlie Brown's teacher)
at this point
it looks like I'll be completing the work myself
except the high parts...
what a learning experience

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nearly Done

close to completing the scrappy placemat
the last few rows take longer due to lack of space
for your fingers
I have some large safety pins that would help
just don't know where they are
the next mat will be light again
like the first one
the other day I had Mom's new LL Bean
chambray pants ready to hem
thought she would like to finger press them for me
not happening
she said she'd wait to do it at the
ironing board
when we got home
She's back on the "take me home" rant
every day
almost as soon as I get there until I go
always mad at me...
I know it will pass

Thursday, August 21, 2014

More on the B Team


we found a few tomatoes for lunch
Mom got one for her one for friend Anne
they both rave about them

this was after Day 2
when I was told over the phone
that the first coat was on
I believe the photos speak for themselves...
I have about 10 more if anyone needs convincing
I got the windowsill done that night
since it was going to rain
This morning we did a walk around
me pointing out every little unpainted, unscraped spot
I'm being very kind about it
telling them it just takes a different set of eyes
As long as they finish correctly I'll be happy
Even if I have to get the white paint they spilled
off the brown bricks myself...
that's only because I don't want to hold up the painting
As for my indoor painting
another coat in the bathroom and I'm done
Then on to cleaning a little more
before the appraisal
only because of my desire to not be embarrassed
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The B Team

when you hire someone for a job
you always hope you're getting the A Team
I think the folks I hired
don't have much painting experience
especially about the importance of
prepping before painting
thunderstorms and rain today
at least I'll get a break
from coming home after visiting Mom
to painting spots they missed
scraping spots they missed
banging my head on the wall

Monday, August 18, 2014

They're Here!


only a few days later than planned
the painters are here!
already glad I chose a flat prices vs hourly
one of the owners is very s-l-o-w
must be the Fantasy Football gathering last night
the house isn't quite as chippy as this one
it only feels that way
I know because I've been doing
some doorways, windows and doors
definitely something I'm happy to pay for
I want it done
Unlike handwork
when people ask how I have the patience to create
I must explain that it's the process of creating
more than the finished product I love
it takes no patience at all
the process of painting is tedious and messy
there is no contest
between hook/needle and paintbrush
I still have work to do inside
alternating between cleaning and organizing
(also known as avoiding painting)
and painting
I traded a day and took an extra day off
using these three days in a row
I should be able to wrap it up
The paperwork is another story
just got 30 new documents to go over...
good times


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ugly Fabric

using up ugly fabric
is one of the best parts of rag rug making
we both wondered
why we ever bought this green and gold plaid
can't wait to get it covered with the weaving

Mom checking out her latest copy of
Reminisce magazine...
I try to bring her something new every day
Yesterday I brought some flat bread pizza
cheese, tomato and spices
it was a big hit!
the day before it was tart lime popsicles
she loves tart and so does Bailey
when I asked her about them she raved
then said I probably wouldn't like them...
pretty sneaky way to keep them for herself
one of the aides (Bailey's mom)
said she told her the same thing
Mom just loves having Bailey there
tells me I can go...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


required more than a cat nap
I was so exhausted...

yesterday was puppy napping
when you just crash where you are

I'm sure there was drooling involved

lots of shut eye
but no beach
nearly 24 hours worth
you know it's bad
when I don't even visit mom
Today is off to a better start
too bad there is so much catching up to do

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nit Picking

I've complete three rag woven mats
plus one placemat...
now for the nit picking
trimming off every little thread
tucking in loose pieces then stitching them down
it takes almost as long as the weaving
fortunately they fit in my work tote
so during down times I can snip and stitch
maybe photos tomorrow
Olivia enjoying the sun
that face...
Melrose is on the floor just daring her
to come down

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cat Funnies

day off
so after visiting mom
I'll be catching up
on as much as possible around the house
mostly scraping and painting
but first a little cleaning