Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bird Brain

recently saw this in a catalogue
oh how the birds would love it

and the squirrels
the cats
wonder where you could use this

stopped on the way to work to fill my car
with bird seed and suet
10 bags @ 25 pounds each
a dozen suet

should be set until January

Melrose and Mom

from day one
Melrose has always loved Mom
when she was home for the visit a few weeks ago
he could hardly believe his eyes...
he doesn't need to be petted
or fussed with
he just looks upon the one he loves
he does it with me all the time
Olivia must be climbing on me or being petted
he's happy to remain across the room
keeping an eye on me

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Not So Random

another inspiring quilt
love the scrappiness
the setting...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Inspiration

love this old sampler
such a make do piece...

between it and the random sampler
has been work in on
I've been inspired to dig out all my
quilt projects that were once works in progress...

maybe I can do some handwork

Monday, November 10, 2014

Snowflakes Again

have a way of cheering me

when they are made of paper, of course

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Mom in her favorite chair
eating a slice of pumpkin pie
after lunch
the fried potatoes were the biggest hit
then the scrambled eggs with cheese
she loves potatoes!

sister Judy was here for a while
we sat in the living room and talked
Mom in her comfy chair
after Judy left
we talked more
Mom enjoyed looking out at the bird feeder
Melrose and Olivia were in and out of the room
sniffing the wheelchair ~ hiding under it
entertaining Mom
she had about an hour nap
waking up occasionally...looking around
sigh of relief back to sleep
at one point she said
"looks like I won't be going to Sears anymore"
she calls the facility Sears sometimes, where she used to work
only when our ride got here
did she ask why she couldn't stay
I always explain it's my fault because I have to work
and she wouldn't want to stay here alone
it works
oh, she's not happy about it
but understands
she asked where Daddy was
I showed her the walnut box with his ashes
we talked about how lucky we were to have him
how we miss him
she was fine with it
much better than thinking he doesn't call
since he's with a girlfriend
(her sometimes worry)
turned my back on her for a minute
to boil water for tea...
when I turned around
she asked for her walker
as she just tried to stand up on her own
which thankfully didn't work
kept wanting to try and
"just walk across the room"
we checked out all the rooms when she first arrived
in the sewing room she told me
this is a nice house for me
that soon she would be back
when we could sit around and stitch all day
we were sitting in her bedroom
going through her box of hats
she asked why she felt so sad
how to answer that...
I said maybe it was visiting the house
no, she said that's not it
I suggested it was being here without Dad
she agreed that was probably it
then moved on to quilt talk...
a good day for both of us
back at the facility
her nurse and aides were happy to hear how it went
with her friends at the table
I felt okay to leave
so she could settle back in
today it will back to normal
bingo after lunch
every day before I leave I ask
what she might like tomorrow
she asked for a chocolate cupcake...
if only our all wishes were so easy

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It Seems Like Forever

one year ago tonight
a little after midnight
my dear Dad passed away with me by his side
it has been quite a year
mostly so busy with Mom
I haven't had time to grieve
I thank him daily for so many things
miss him always...
Dad loved Christmas with his family
so tonight I've been looking
at vintage Belsnickles
checking out recipes for pfeffernuse
all things German for the holidays
tomorrow I am bringing mom home
for a few hour visit
praying it goes well
so it can be the first of many...
this morning she called to say
they took her and some other ladies to jail last night
weird because I dreamt someone kidnapped her
we really are on the same wavelength
quite often
we say it's because we are both the babies...

Saturday, November 1, 2014


there is a rummage sale in a few weeks
at a church near my old house
am waiting to hear if there are still tables available

might be fun to do something different for a change
extra $ would nice 
mortgage is still something to get used to

plus I got some bad news
when the HVAC guy was here the other day
he found a hole in the vent
from hot water tank to outside pipe
(which is asbestos)

carbon monoxide leak
temporary fix until they can fit me in

Friday, October 31, 2014

Oddly Enough

I'm thinking of snowflakes

sparkling stars

and these baskets on a ladder...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat
is tomorrow night at the facility
we bought some extra candy
to fill little bags
something mom always did at home
yesterday her headache was non stop
plus an extra dose of anxiety
I took a family emergency day to be with her
sure wish the doctor
would hurry up and figure out how to treat
her headaches...Tylenol helps
so do cool compresses
but it's no way to live
on top of everything else

she didn't even want to sample the candy
you know it's a bad day then
Hoping she will feel better today
and be well enough tomorrow
to stay awake long enough for the trick or treaters
7-8 pm
she will love seeing the kids...

Sunday, October 26, 2014


going for a walk can be tough
Kit Kat follows along
then gets in front of us
a few dozen times for rollies
we take a break at the stone bench
time for her snack
and lots of petting
Mom is still having headaches daily
CT scan showed some inflammation
old infarcts (stroke)
her doctor is deciding on the best course of treatment
right now if she gets her Tylenol on time
she is fine...
today it was late
so she needed to rest her eyes a lot
yesterday I fell while filling her bird feeders
scared "the dickens" out of both of us
I'm lucky to be fine
hit my head and turned my ankle under
mostly pretty sore today
I have a hard head
which was covered in birdseed when I got up
was shaking it out of my hair all day
we played bingo with another resident and her two daughters
(the ones who talk so much)
Mom won 4 games!!!
that's $1 in quarters
we add it to the bird food fund
one of these days I'll get around
to taking pics of all the mats I've made
the past few months
still waiting for the finishing thread clipping
I can see no decrease in our stash either
Happy Glorious Day!