Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Some Day" Hooking

fell in love with this rug found on Pinterest

this one too

then I saw this one

which led to other nautical folk art

like this beauty

any would make a fine rug
now on my to do list
or better yet
a little from each one...

I am slowly hooking on my Magdelina style rug
gathering items for the church rummage sale
is still taking up most of my free time
drop off day is tomorrow

for the first load
Tuesday for the next
then I can move on from decluttering for a while

except for the weeds
which are growing like crazy
everywhere I look!


so many of our friends need our prayers right now
I am praying for strength of spirit,
healing and peace in our journey

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cats Again

how did I forget about these beauties?

not cats I know
but ideas for cats 

 the little collars are killing me with cute
those white boots too

the two cats on the left
 let's see if I can reproduce them
keeping the tilt of the heads...


Monday, April 24, 2017

Revisiting Antique Rugs

another stroll among the antique rugs
looking for the just the right cats
for my Magdalena style rug
in progress

a long time favorite
of course
but these cats might just need to be
the center of attention
 in a different rug

this guy might do

or these two

another favorite rug
love their little white boots 

did I mention I love antique cat rugs

even if they say Halloween!


my sister and her dh are on there way home 
this morning
they had a great visit with mom
I got a little rest
 they'll be back in July

I can't image how they feel
I hate leaving for work every day


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life With Cats

it was definitely time 
to wash Olivia's blanket collection yesterday

she didn't even notice at first
she was so happy watching the birds in the yard

she was tired of me brushing her
so was Melrose...

this goes in the wash with the soap
the blankets have no cat odor
when done

I've also been using this around the house
to scope out mystery odors
life with cats

yep, life with cats

I did get some dyeing done
a lot of decluttering
even a little hooking

more wool in the pots today
will share when all is dry and folded
and sure to make you drool

Have a wonderful Sunday!
we are blessed with cool weather and sunshine today 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dyeing Day

my sister and her husband are here from NC
they've been having a great visit with Mom
plus giving me some much needed rest

today I am staying home
all day

it's a little dreary
a little cool
the perfect day for playing in the dye pots
I have a large collection of Cushing dyes and recipes
I enjoy Karen's recipes
for their simplicity and gorgeous colors

this link will take you to Karen's etsy shop
I can highly recommend her little books
full of dye recipes and wonderful information

in the past I have used these recipes so many times
that wool has been hooked and I sorely miss it in my stash

so many perfect backgrounds here
the recipes are simple

marbleizing is a great way to get started "dyeing"

I also have her Lavender book 
which also includes background recipes


I have tons of dye books and recipes
right now I'm in the mood for softer shades
subtle variations

I'm in no way connected with Karen
simply sharing some information
hoping to encourage others to dye some wool
it will make your work unique

I recently purchased some of her marbled wool
from her esty shop a ~ it's heavenly
quite inspiring too!

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Surprise Visitor

yesterday I looked up and who do I see
but Mom's best friend of 80+ years 
Mom said she wasn't so surprised
she knew Bea would visit any day now

fortunately Mom was just up from a short nap
ready to chat about their days in high school

Bea talked about a few of Mom's boyfriends...
Mom said one especially she really liked

Bea learned how to organize the wool strips


my NC sister called her earlier this week
to update her on Mom

she has some wonderful memories of my family
I could listen to her stories forever...

she did share one about her son
who is always there to lend her a hand

he said if any time 
the doctor tells her she doesn't have long to live
she's to go straight home
to cook up a huge batch of spaghetti sauce!

she can't eat it anymore 
but keeps her freezer
and his freezer full...

I've requested some for my freezer...she's an awesome cook
 and the most wonderful friend
a person could ask for

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Going Colorful

a little progress

not much time for hooking
spending a lot of time with Mom
by the time I get home at night I'm done in

in the morning I do my cleaning and decluttering
cut strips of wool for Mom to organize later
pack a lunch
play with the cats
then it's time to go see her

today is the last of my FMLA days
for a while I hope
next two days were long planned vacation days
then weekend off
back to work Monday
I'm going to start on Friday leaving at normal time
praying she's okay

the past 2 days have been her best in a while
minimal neck pain
minimal anxiety until later in the afternoon
( her normal bad time)


 planning my container gardens
going colorful this year...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Keeping Busy

small rug on the frame
while I think about the Americana one

I have a lot of Karen's patterns 
keep putting off hooking them
because I want to dye some wool in her colors 
we all know how that's worked out over the past few years

so I started this one last night
changing the words/letters

thinking of a blue house


going through closets again
very few things left of the parents
except sheets
wonderful Lands End flannel and cotton sheets
the worm ones are now rags
decent ones going to animal shelter
good ones to save and use


Mom is not doing good
extreme pain in her neck and upper back
has been increasing over the past few weeks
making her anxiety worse
which makes her breathing worse
she was switched to using the Hoyer lift for transfers 
a few weeks ago
on Friday she started using her new wheelchair
it has a high back and head rest
she looks much better in it
feels about the same
though I do catch her using the headrest

she's always been stubbon
"Johnny Bull" English she says
now she is resistant to any change 

thanks so much for all your support
I know many of you have gone through this
heartbreaking scenario
your words have given me strength 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Good Morning Friends

much improved
it was the red that was bothering me
  I've lost interest in it 
for now

it's going to be large
the part that's been hooked is about 8"
now that I've changed colors
I'm going to plan more before hooking
gotta go with the flow

she's had about enough of me

she's in serious cleaning mode
maybe it's the smell of bleach in the air
as I've been washing rags 


love this close up of an antique rug
thank you again Pinterest

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Borders and Mom

more border ideas

just add a flag instead of the words...

 I see a theme with all these borders
very scrappy

love how the hearts fade into the background

if you're really stuck for a border
feel free to copy this one
on my patriotic crow rug


haven't started hooking yet
still getting my wool in order
from the last rug

in case you don't know
I cut my wool into strips all the time
to give Mom something to do with her hands
I mix them up
so she can separate into bundles by color 

she has been having some very bad days
getting a good balance of anti anxiety meds is hard
I think she is too medicated
Hospice says give it some time...

so I am taking Family Medical Leave Act days
off work to spend lunch through bed time with her
yesterday she kept trying to get out of bed
after a short nap

it took over an hour for the aides to come help her
she would have been on the floor
if I wasn't there

she needs two aides to help her up
one was on break
next time I'll call the main desk
and ask for the nursing supervisor
I couldn't leave the room for a second


please share your rugs pics in
The Out of Hand Hookers
group page on Facebook
progress big or small 

there are no size requirements
there is no deadline
this is just for fun