Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pinterest to the Rescue


nothing like some old samplers
to make the day brighter!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Just Brrrr

used to love winter
this year...
not so much
cabin fever to the extreme
wake when it's 40*
for more than a minute

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Cats

the digits might have been single at most
no matter
 the sun still makes the cats happy
Olivia takes advantage of an open set of drapes
the sun has her about melting
into a puddle
Melrose normally sits on the cat tree
chin resting on the window ledge
watching the birds
but since I was talking to Olivia
he had to give me the mournful eyes...
he's broken hearted when I fuss over her
when clearly he deserves all my attention
when the situation is reversed
I get the death glare from Livvie
gotta love em

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Beautiful Mom

here we are at the community puzzle table
it's located by the main nurse's station
near the door to the garden
it's bright and cheerful
plenty of folks walking by
stopping to chat
we usually last less than 5 minutes here
these 1000 piece puzzles
are not for Mom
she tells me to get moving
I can come back and work on the puzzle
when there's nothing else to do
we really need an extra table
to lay out all the pieces...
having a good time
watching the hair dresser
race around getting all the clients hair done
she is amazingly fast
and everyone's hair looks great

I've been hand quilting this forever
or it just feels that way
one of those projects
Mom wanted to do but turned over to me
I leave it in her room
so I can pick it up in between placemats
Mom and the ladies love
watching me work on projects at the lunch table
these sweet faces
make everyone smile!
Hope you're having a good weekend
it's brutally cold here
so after a visit with Mom
I can come home, bundle up
then work on my little quilt prepping
ah, tis a gift to be simple!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little Quilt Prepping

this little quilt has been on my to-do list
since day one...
so far it's all in my mind
recently Colleen at
has been posting
about prepping for her wool appliqué projects
this has me thinking
about all the projects I'd love to stitch
especially the ones by Cheri Payne
the combination of patchwork and applique is my favorite
but I hand piece
 everything takes forever...
so this week
the large basket of scraps came out
sorted into piles
this one for backgrounds
that one for piecing
then I looked through my stash of patterns
you know, my Cheri patterns
stopped counting at 25
that's not counting her books
 patterns from magazines
or her blog...
pressing scraps
cutting patches to machine stitch
yep you read that right
it's the only way to ever get these going
I won't worry about matching seams
perfect this or that
I can take patterns to work
to trace onto freezer paper for the applique
there's no hurry
just progress
So thanks Colleen
you've put me back on the road to creating
or at least prepping
Pleasant Thoughts
the first background prepped!

one of Cheri's newest patterns
I have promised myself not to purchase any new patterns
in 2015...
this one is testing my willpower
maybe I can work out a barter
I have lots of old Roberta Horton plaids!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Nothing New

I just washed the inside of the washer by accident
who forgets to put the towels in?
oh well, at least it smells of bleach in here now
Happy Cabin Fever!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Emery Board

imagine the little pink sock
is an old fashioned emery board
insert Olivia
 you now have the happiest cat on earth
while cleaning out a drawer the other day
I found a few dozen emery boards
set them on the kitchen table
beside a few other things to take to mom
later that night
the sound of them hitting the floor caught my attention
next thing I hear is "someone"
playing with one
the sound goes on and on

finally she tears in to the living room
up on the bed
with one in her mouth
where she proceeds to carry on for at least an hour
every day since has played with it
rolling and flipping around on the bed
if I lands on the floor
she quickly carries it back up
Melrose checks out what she's up too
he doesn't get it...
he'd rather watch the birds at the feeder
All I know is I'd like to find my own pink sock


Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Sewing Room Work

going through the fabric stash
adding to the donation collection
lots of no's
those are to donate
the maybe's are things I'd like to sell
(early blues, punch needle supplies, rug hooking books)
yes items go back on the shelves
plenty of small quilts on my wish list
I have enough large quilts
stitched by Mom to enjoy for a lifetime
the cats are very entertained by all of this
taking over empty shelves
must be the most excitement they've had all week
aside from the tuna
Snow has been coming down all morning
supposed to continue all day
after visiting Mom
I can head back to the sewing room
go back to my marathon Grey's Anatomy viewing
and putter to my heart's content
Happy February!