Wednesday, January 28, 2015


* photo has nothing to do with post
it's perfect!
So anyway
I've been spending 80% of my time
sleeping, resting...worrying
still not feeling like myself
tomorrow morning I see my family Dr
the rest of the time
I've puttered around the house
there are bags and boxes full of items to donate to prove it
every day I want less and less things
do not make the mistake
of thinking I consider chocolate a thing
40 calorie Fudgsicles 
have helped a lot this week!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Panic Attack

if I hadn't been at work Sunday night
I would have just tried to sleep it off
they come out of nowhere
one minute I was performing an exam
the next
I was shaking, puking and sweating
good thing a coworker was with me to take over
since I was working in ER
the staff took me too an empty room
to look me over...
I was signed in as a patient and the tests began
my EKG concerns everyone
until they compare it to one from 5 years ago
I had all the symptoms
on the above list
apart from the last three
I also had low blood sugar
unheard of for me
must be my change in eating
I knew I should have had a doughnut
from the breakroom that night
so while it was
"just a panic attack"
I hope to never have one again
this is the worst I've ever had
spent half the night in the ER and glad of it
I hate being a patient
but Sunday night it was where I needed to be
yesterday I slept all day
today I'm dizzy but sitting up
working in clearing the mental fog
I know all the breathing tricks
to make them easier...didn't work this time
maybe because my 02 sats were
consistently under 90
now I have to go for more tests...
the only ones happy about this
(when I finally got home at 4 am)
are the cats
they had a whole day to sleep with me
purrs all around
Tomorrow will be a better day

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mom's Laughter

 I showed Mom this photo
 she busted up laughing and laughing
the sweetest sound ever!
she was glad it was a ladybug
not a bee
about half and hour later
I gave her a bag of Welch's fruit snacks
she wanted to share them with Mary
who had rolled away from the table to look down the hall
so she yells "Amy...Amy"
then "Nancy...Nancy"
I say her name is Mary
again with the laughter!
what a good day

Monday, January 19, 2015


Normally I am nor much of a heart fan...
this year I'm enjoying them more
could be too much time on
that's where I found all today's images
 Fat Hen Farm on ebay
love all her work

puddleduckprimitves on ebay
love all her work

 vintage hearts are wonderful too
maybe these will get me to hooking...

there's always hope

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Git Fit Contest

Week 1 of our "Git Fit" contest at work is done
I lost 5 pounds!!!
no Weight Watchers for me
nothing more than eating less processed foods
a lot of apples and clementines
using up food I already have
in much smaller portions than usual
our break room at work was a danger zone this week
party for the Ohio State Buckeyes one day...snacks galore
another day brought a box of boxes
full of chocolate covered macadamia nuts
from a former coworker now living in Hawaii
yesterday a retirement party
complete with cake, homemade cookies and peanut butter fudge
so what did I do?
ate my meals
then had a small bit of whatever I wanted
deprivation would only lead to
Taco Bell on the way home from work
enough said
I had one slice of pizza this week
GO ME!!!

don't worry...I won't bore you with weekly updates
am just happy this week felt like it's totally doable
not being on a diet
just making better choices
I am one of the unlucky folks who cannot eat most veggies
try as I might they engage a gag reflex
that's out of my control
this week I learned that I can add a serving of low sodium V8
to my tomato soup and not even notice it
over the past 6 weeks I've lots 15 pounds
I feel much better
sleep better...more energy
my number one secret weapon?
malted milk balls
I keep a box of them in Mom's candy drawer
eating just a few a day quenches my chocolate cravings
enough of that
maybe you won't have to hear about this again
until our final weigh in May 1st...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Rag Weaving and Weaving...

my sister and her husband
will be stitching these together to make a rug
there are nine of this placemat size in the stack
four on the stack of larger mats...
who knows how many will be done
when they visit in May
yesterday Mom said it's time to cut more strips...

she wants them to have a lot of work
sewing those mats together...
look at that wicked smile!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Sort of Green

Olive Branch
looks like the perfect green to pair with whites
maybe a touch too blah
or maybe this green...
probably this green
definitely leaning towards a brighter green

pea soup is a good color...
back to a little neutral inspiration
these sheep are the perfect!

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Neutral Room

since I can't seem to get in to the swing
of hooking or stitching
I've been scouring Pinterest
for neutral sewing room ideas

right now my sewing room is large
the wool room is small with small windows
I've been drawing up sketches and lists
of what needs to be done to switch the room
packing things for donation
to the April animal charity garage sale
is done on a weekly basis
it is hard to let go of so many of moms treasures
but I'll never use them
and someone will be thrilled to find them
at a bargain price
after the pare down
the room will require some deep cleaning
new curtains and blinds
(neighbors driveway is close by)
hoping being able to see my wool
in better light will motivate me again
 the sewing room has two door
would love to swap them out for something like these!
it's fun to plan
the follow through of painting is another story...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bird Watching

after lunch yesterday
there was a fire drill
which means everyone goes to their rooms
we were lucky
we had dozens of birds to entertain us
Mom was checking out
the many on the ground

I have my instructions for today:
first fill the bird feeders
then go inside!

making faces in her new mirror
Mom was complaining about how many wrinkles she has
I reminded her she is 91
she said that doesn't mean she has to like them
and she's really bothered by her hands
large veins standing out all over
I show her mine and say someday they will be the same
but look at what our
amazing hands have created...
she rolls her eyes
She is feeling much better
asking for more candy for her drawer
wheeling around talking to her friends
leaving me alone in her room
that makes me happy

Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Fit Contest

Our contest at work started this week...
official weigh ins end today
after this we weigh ourselves on Fridays
until May 1
the official end date
25 of us have signed up
2 are men
who both say they are doing it for the money
I think the $500 first place prize is a huge motivator
$250 second prize not so shabby either
but I really want to be healthier
have more energy
maybe get off a prescription...
Love this list
my goal for the contest is a cinder block
33 pounds in 4 months


Pinterest image
this is one way I prepped
portioning all my cereal
into individual servings
some for meals...some for snacking
I have a box in the cupboard at work
full of foods that will keep me on track
no excuse for hitting the vending machine
Pretty much following the DASH diet
which is a low sodium
balanced diet
nothing radical
until maybe the last few weeks
we'll see
Mom has been feeling much better
her appetite for candy is back!