Thursday, May 21, 2015


being together
working on our own projects
is the most natural thing for Mom and I

the big change is now
I'm working on quilts
 she is working on rug hooking
still saying she wants to try the actual hooking again week

I try to switch up the colors every day
need to dig in to my baskets with wool to over dye
find some brights...
so she can ask me what I'm thinking
we are both happiest with the drab and muted
been stitching on a small quilt
from my stash
we think maybe Frank will like it
we talk about him every day
wishing him strength and health
planning on him coming the next time with Deb
and Deb...
she'll be here Monday

Friday, May 15, 2015


seeing this basket full of color and potential
has made me itch to get out the dye pots
I have the wool
the dyes 
favorite formulas
now to find the time...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't Tell Mom

never ever tell Mom
I shared these photos
with her looking this way
she was just out of the shower...
today is hair salon day
she would be horrified!
also she wants to find a surgeon to
remove her double chin
gotta love her

Mom let Ann
help us organize the wool strips
they are both great lovers of fabric
we spent a lot of time
discussing cutting wool for hooked rugs
Mom decided she would like to try
hooking again...
next week

looks like my worm baskets
will be over flowing soon...
but you know me
I'll cut every piece of wool I own
in to strips
if it makes Mom happy to play with them
A wonderful storm passed through last night
bringing the temps down
about 20*
it feels like May again

Monday, May 11, 2015

Small Scrappy Antique Quilts

spent most of my vacation days indoors
puttering in the sewing room
in between the cleaning

cutting patches from the fabric stash
as I organized and packed it up
cutting squares and strips
ready for nine patch and log cabin blocks

then I saw this photo
so had to add triangles and rectangles to the mix

doing everything by hand
makes it so much easier to share the process with mom
the patches are traced at home
then with her I can cut them out
she can put them in to stacks
by color or shape
managed to cut a lot of wool strips too
I mix them all up in a large clear bag
another project to organize
Mom and the ladies talk about the colors
In other boring news:
- the weather kept me from my outdoor goals
looking to later this week
cooler temps arrive
so mornings will be outside
- my wardrobe is unbelievably shabby
not in the chic good way
scrubs have become my go to outfit
even on my days off I wear them to visit Mom
in case she's in a mood
then I can leave at my usual time claiming work
go back later after she has a nap
I need everything
once the Medicaid application has been resolved
there may be a huge shopping spree
or not
if I owe more than five or so thousand
the threadbare, mended Ohio grunge look
will be the fashion
Trying to stay positive...

Sunday, May 10, 2015


every day is Mother's Day around here

how better to honor the woman
who protected me and tried to keep me out of harm's way

who taught me the ways of the world
large and small

my wonderful Mom

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Planting Flowers


I planted three pots of flowers
with Mom and another resident
this was the last one
pink petunia for the center
everything else pink or purple
this a great activity
the staff brings in all the pots from outside
residents and volunteers plant
Mom has her gloves on ready to work
planting is not her thing
she did smash a small spider for me
when it ran across the table
out of a plant
this look cracked me up
the other resident at our table slept through most of it
Mom can't figure out why
ready to go outside
I planted the 2 on the right
 thought these "before" photos will be fun
as the summer goes on I'll do some
"after" shots
we had a pretty good day yesterday
one cranky spell during lunch
I was cutting out quilt patches
Mom glares at me and says
it would be nice if I would not be so greedy
and share some with her
when I told her they were all for her
she sort of felt better
then said now I made her feel bad
had to explain I have so much wool
at home needing used
that she has to do the stitching
her dementia
keeps me on my toes
coming up with responses for her
is sometimes tough
the truth doesn't work most of the time
try to think sideways when I can
"I don't know...
let me find out...
I never met him..."
just a few phrases
that come in handy

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random Quilt Love

most of these quilts I love for the design
when looking at them
my mind seems them in the colors I'd use...
hot and humid yesterday and today
that means indoor work
cleaning, moving furniture around
more cleaning
lots of cat brushing

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Dreary Morning

it's overcast with intermittent showers
a perfect morning to finish packing the car
with more treasures for the rummage sale
when I dropped off the donations yesterday
the church was full
of volunteers and goods...
our dear friend Bea (92)
looks over all the items to access value
she and her husband were antique dealers for ages
first off she put the Longaberger baskets aside
to purchase
I think she took the ring of skeleton keys too
she can't resist the rusty junk!
today I'm delivering another car full of items
with one present for Bea
I picked out a favorite Longaberger
not sure if it's a corn or apple basket
Tomorrow the weather should improve
good thing
after tonight I have 5 days off
hello yard work

Monday, May 4, 2015

Still Packing

outside work will be delayed until after
visiting mom today
there is still so much to pack up
for the rummage sale
everything has to be cleaned or polished
except for the pewter
all of this goes
the carved/painted boards were done
by my sister Deb in the 80's
there are a few more around the house
that need packed up too...
that gold wallpaper?
it's even more gold in person
high on the list to change
as I pack things it brings back
so many good memories
my parents made a wonderful life here
I am so blessed