Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun Antique Rugs

I always enjoy the rug shows
 shares on her blog 
hoping you'll enjoy mine
with a few fun rugs...

I think these squirrels are having a discussion
about the nuts
in the neighborhood

 off course
I would change this to a cat
with birds...

 the possibilities...

have always wanted to reproduce this one
hearts and all

empty the worm baskets!

this looks like 
something you'd see under a microscope

I can only dream
of hooking something so wonderful...


Mom and I had a pretty good night last night
slept more than we have in days...
about 5 am she started with the 
"get me out of here"
in her mad Gladys voice...
she went half an hour

the overnight staff has been wonderful!

if all her test results come back good
she's going home 
to the facility today
she is looking and feeling so much better

we had a wonderful Dr from the hospital in charge of her care
she took her time talking to us
(in the hall)
and was very patient and kind with Mom

we spoke to her about the future
what would she do if this was her Mom
we liked her answers...

wishing you a wonderful day 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mom Update

finally had the swallowing test today
part of her pneumonia is from aspiration
so she is on a new diet
pureed food and thickened liquids
we didn't understand about the beans being whole...

it gets worse
she has a super bug
one that is resistant to nearly every antibiotic created to date
she is starting on new IV therapy today
we have to wear isolation gowns

supposedly she can go back to the facility
in a day or 2
but will have to stay in her room for a while...

I've taken the past 2 days off
spending 4 pm to 7 am with her 
my sisters split up the rest of the day

we've been luck to have the NC two here
Mom sure enjoys them
(in between telling them to get out)

oh, the joys of UTI and dementia
she's been pretty good at night
only refusing breathing treatments
that's nothing new

I've been enjoying FB and blogs 
with Christmas decorating and creating
have so many patterns saved to work on when time allows

thanks for all your prayers my friends 

 in case you don't so FB
these two were actually touching for about 
half an hour today
Olivia was not pleased
(I was on the other end of the couch)


Sunday, December 4, 2016

No Napping

this is how we played bingo yesterday
she just moved her hand around
while half asleep
but didn't want to go for a nap

chest x ray late last night
shows no pneumonia
that's always great news

my NC sister will be here later today
when mom is awake she gets a big smile about that
me too

a few cards showed up already
she said she knew they were from my friends
thank you so much to all for adding some joy

Friday, December 2, 2016

Rugs, Mom and Follow by Email

if you need a quick gift
or new holiday decoration 
check out 
Maria has some excellent patterns!

I hooked this pattern a while ago
then set it aside to bind
as time passed 
the cats decided it was perfect for napping on
just perfect

after cleaning the fur off I can bind it
but it's a lot of fur
it might take a while
with a lint brush and tweezers

oh the problems we procrastinators make for ourselves


yesterday I took a FMLA day off work
Mom is not feeling well
breathing issues, weak,no appetite, barely drinking
her color is off
I sat with her for about 8 hours

she mostly slept
waking occasionally to hold my hand
talk about how much better she felt with me there
she would eat and drink a little for me

could be so many things

hoping we can at least get her in the wheelchair today
to make swallowing easier
I'll be going over early

with chicken broth 
her favorite mug from home

sister from NC will be here Sunday for a few days
mom says she'll be better by then...


I added a Follow by Email gadget 
right above my blog list
by request of a dear follower

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Freebies and Cards

these are some oldies...
at least 9-10 years
back when I was doing punchneedle

planned on punching these designs
then putting them on spools
adding stuffed bird and whatnot

today I would hook them
in a heart on a background
then hook the extra birds or hearts around the edge
hope that makes sense...

am going to hook the sheep for mom for Christmas
will share when I get going


can't believe our primitive rug hooking group 
on ebay was so long ago...
where I met so many of my dear online friends

2007 anniversary design
I'd change the cat up a bit now
less belly and more leg

please enjoy these freebies for personal use
may also be used for profit in small number of finished items
no selling the pattern in any way

please do not share on Pinterest or other online sites
give credit to me as the designer
and all the other blah blah blah


as you know if you're a blog reader
my Mom lives in a nursing facility
she has dementia and cannot walk due to a knee fracture
almost 3 years ago

she loves getting mail
especially cards 

if you would be so kind to send her a Christmas card
or later a 93rd birthday card
(January 3rd)
I would be most delighted!

if you're a hooker
write hooker on the back of your envelope

if you're not a hooker
write not a hooker on the back of yours

I have some bags of wool worms
plus other little gifts to send out 
randomly to folks that send her cards...

Gladys Banks
c/o Hampton Woods
1525 E Western Reserve Road
Poland, Ohio 44514-3254

Thanks so much my friends

Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting There

wish my cats would go out and find some pizza...or tacos

after running errands and visiting mom 
I've spent the rest of my day off 
on the couch

re-watching Mercy Street 
while putting in some finishing stitches on a hooked runner
no you haven't seen it yet...
it was my geometric that took a turn

still about 20% from feeling good
sinus infection run wild
week 4 edition...

hoping tomorrow I can share a freebie pattern
for the season
plus request for you to send Christmas cards to Mom

I have two bags of wool worms to ship to 2 randomly
chosen hookers who send cards...

if you're not a hooker 
there's a secret gift for you too

more info tomorrow

in the past my friends and blog readers have outdone yourselves
sending cards to Mom 
it really makes her day to receive them!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pinterest Wandering

still feeling like crap
just can't shake this crud
so my down time is spent looking online
between naps, visiting mom and going to work

these girls are the work of Julie Arkell
the little one is me...
a dedicated collector of dust

another of her pieces
love the ponderous 

here's Julie
I'd feel very at home in that room

almost too pretty to use

with my eyes still bothering me
I've stayed far away from my wool
maybe I can bring home a face shield from surgery
so I can at least organize

who am I kidding
I just want to sleep when I'm not at work

I want a cupboard like this!
maybe more than one...

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


thank you dear friends
for being online

you are a lifeline to me
through times where my "real" life is hard

someone to share a creative life with
everyone I'd like to meet in person

I've been pretty quiet this year
busy with Mom 
worn out mentally some of the time
physically always 

every day at least one of you lifts me up
with your posts 
on your blog, on Facebook or by email

thank you for sharing your life with me
I'm so glad to know you
even if only online

of course
there are so many of you I want to see in person...

I have so many blessings
thank you for being one of them


Sunday, November 20, 2016

What to Hook

I was doing a Pinterest search for a simple rug
am ready for some mindless hooking
so what do I find but this beauty!

definitely not mindless

another non mindless
I see it with a cat in the middle....

 I keep returning to this rug
it might finally be time

or this one

another choice
could just do one section

Whichever I chose it needs to be soon
haven't stitched or hooked in ages...

my energy has finally returned
maybe 60%
yesterday I was able to do some housework
with a very small nap!

Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Less Again

other than the pink

another perfect tree

the pine cones
the bells...

it's not like I'm going to decorate this year
just more fun dreaming


this cold, sinus infection, whatever
will just not let go!

I'll visit mom, stay for bingo
then come home to sleep
so much to do around the house but no energy
the cats are no help
they encourage napping

~ Wishing you a happy weekend ~