Monday, March 11, 2019

Dyeing Wool Tools

these are two of my essentials
when creating my own dye recipes
or making substitutions

the Cushing color card
is also good for picking colors
to dye straight from the package
no recipe needed

this pie chart is a priceless tool
knowing the value and intensity of each dye
allows you a better starting point
with a new recipe
as well as choosing a substitute dye

If you're new to dyeing
one important consideration is the color of the wool
you are using to overdye

I tend to purchase oatmeal type lights
so when over dyeing they look more antique and aged
if you want a brighter look
the wool you overdye should be natural

Checkout Dorr Woolens for comparison

I admit to studying color my whole life
as far back as I can remember 
I had art classes in all grades, including college
the color wheel
primary, secondary and tertiary
opposites, values, hues, tints...
I don't ever think of these
when working with color as they are a part of my 
genetic make up by now
it's like breathing 

It is fun to dye and experiment
I'm just ready to use up my stash
ready for
as-is wool from now on
I'm not quitting hooking

this wall would be perfect
in my sewing room!!!

well, I think I keep my face neutral
when taking patient histories
but this is what I'm feeling!

Have a great Monday friends

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bleh Wool

image from Pinterest

these flowers are the shades I'd like to dye
this is what I end up with

the funny thing is I'm using less wool than called for
so the color should at least be stronger
oh well, these will work in with my stash

I've cleaned up my dye supplies for now


so, you don't know Jensen
the short one at 6'2
or Jared?

They star in Supernatural
it's been fun seeing them grow up up on the show
I love their characters

Dean and Sam

they are awesome men in real life
along with Misha from the show

I don't normally follow the real life of actors
but this is a very special trio

Happy Sunday!
the wind is blowing here in Ohio
so nice hearing Mom's brass bells all around the house 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Lavender in the Dye Pots

pulled out my copy of Karen Kahle's
Little Book of Lavender...
rats, out of the dyes so made up my own recipes...

two dye pots going
one more blue, one more red
I hope

this is one of the Pinterest images 
that inspired the dyeing
might do some of those chartreuse greens next

if you want to see how my dyeing has been going
check out the previous days for the "after photos"
yesterday's grays dyed green
are still waiting for a rinse and dry
will add them to the older
post tomorrow

hope that makes sense

I am bored silly with my fabric stash
between mom and I most of it has been around
20-30 years
am not interested in new fabric though
too much to use up

or dog!

Hope you're having a great weekend
I'm off and resting my achy legs and feet
my own fault
for gaining weight over the winter
depression contributes to my eating issues
but I just like food too much!
the struggle has begun to lose weight again


I  hope don't mind seeing Jensen's handsome face 
for a few more days
first he makes me smiles as an actor and a person
second my electronics are giving me an issue 
with changing the header photo

Friday, March 8, 2019

Use It Up Stitching

current work tote bag project
using cream homespun as the light
will only be as big as the homespun on hand

inspired by this top 
found on Pinterest
love the cheerful look of these colors
my stash is sooo boring to me

next up in the dye pots
the three pieces of wool across the top are small pieces
the windowpane gray is a yard
it's a Moda wool, I don't care for their wool at all
hoping the dyeing will help me use it
purchased a bundle so plenty more to dye

edited to add:
this batch turned out nice
recipe a bit of this and that
the Moda wool smells awful when dyeing

the sun is shining in
Olivia is baking between the glass and drapes

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dye Recipes ~ Making Do

my favorite outsider artist
image from Pinterest
Misty Lindsey

as you may know
I'm still living the
"buy no supplies 2019" life
it's been easy so far

today I pulled out some dye and recipes
that turned into a make-do session
as my dyes are plentiful...just not the colors I need

here are 3 make do recipes
don't try them yet!
I'll add photos when they are out of the dryer
probably tomorrow

all are over about 1/3 yard
oatmealish wool
for once I used less wool than called for
all dyes are Cushing

Blue Variation

1/2 tsp turquoise blue
1/4 royal blue
1/4 peacock
1/4 peach
1/8 medium brown


somehow I have many packages of this color
I think I bought a mixed lot off ebay years and years ago
this is probably the first time it's been used

1 tsp wood rose
1/4 American beauty


1/4 tsp apricot
1/2 orange
1/4 peach
edited: 1/16 seal brown

accidentally deleted the orangish photo was beyond day glo orange
it's back in the dye pot now
with the seal brown
will add photo tomorrow

image from Pinterest
my dyeing has been inspired by all the images
of Spring flowers 
found online
I may never hook with these colors
but it'll be interesting trying new colors


I'm not really all that enthused about cleaning the house
it's more to keep busy and not fall into a 
puddle of blackness

working so far!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


I am here
reading your blogs
commenting some

Spending less time online
more time deep cleaning the house
brushing the cats
and generally lacking the desire
to be creative

Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Catch Up

I started a new little savings account
my cats NEED a catio
like this one 

Melrose taking over the hooking frame

another quilt added to the list
of pieces I must stitch

my latest hooked rug

adding to the February No Spend on supplies
sell 10 items from around the house 
$100 grocery budget
these additions will be a challenge
especially with my empty pantry, fridge and freezer

ended up being too easy

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cats, Houses and Wool

Olivia has gone crazy
for bird and squirrel videos...
Melrose enjoys them too, especially all the chirping

house blocks heading to California
for the wonderful folks
turning them into quilts
for Paradise fire victims

it was fun picking out the fabrics

A chilly day in Ohio
perfect time to dye some wool
one pot on the stove
Barb and Emma Lou's
Taco Bean Red

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Cats and Books

just finished hooking this
 the photo makes that green blob
in the left lower corner stand out
to be fixed asap

not sure what's next on the frame

taking inspiration from the journal writers
I drew up this simple page 
to keep track of the first month
of my 2019
No Spend Challenge

with enough supplies and books to span decades
plus all the UFO projects
it's time for me to get serious...

Happy Birthday to my dear Mom in Heaven
she is loved and missed every day
I am blessed with all the quilts
she stitched with love for me
and endless memories to share with my sisters...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Rug to Keep

cats and books
what more can I say..