Sunday, July 24, 2016

This Heat

it's the heat...even with the AC on
of course,
it's stinking hot at work
x ray equipment heats up a room like nothing else

working in the ER all weekend

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Snowman Freebie

design by Kelley Belfast
please give credit when using this freebie pattern
for your personal use
 you may sell finished pieces from this design in small amounts
not to be sold as a pattern in any way
(on linen, weavers cloth, paper, etc)


this is one of my older designs
not sure if I've given it as a freebie before...

over the past few years I've gotten tired of snowmen
I might hook another one or two
but I don't want them in my house


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mighty Little Progress

hooking is slow going
as I sort through my worms and stash of blues

not too much light to medium blue left anywhere
 same for the greens
until now I dyed mostly dark and drab
I purchased as-is wool the same
thankfully I do have a stash of lights for over dyeing

after this mat
it's back to the chair pads...
where the darks can be put to good use

the reason I have such a huge stash of worms is Mom
in case you're new to my blog
last year 
I cut what felt like acres of wool into strips
then took them to the nursing facilty
so she and a friend could bundle them up by color
leading to a full size bed stacked with strips
referred to as Wool Mountain

I found it quite difficult to hook from that mountain
needing to see the wool uncut
to know where it belonged in a rug

live and learn
all is well because Mom and Ann 
had a good time for many weeks

different shades of reds to divide
a favorite photo from 10/15

Ann is always concerned about getting it just right
mom is more like "close enough"

I haven't been sleeping much lately 
worried about mom and her meds
they are being changed to try and quash some of her anxiety
I know if she keeps acting out
(like going outside on her own and kicking doors)
they will want to transfer her to their Alzhiemer facility
 she thinks it's bad now...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Little Hooking

a little progress
work sure cut into my hooking time
the past few days

even though this is a worm buster rug
I'm going to go through my over dyed blues
and cut a few more strips...

I am very much enjoying the colors in this mat
they may be the future of my hooking
once all my "darks" are used up
thinking a mix of Karen Kahle over dyed recipes
with as-is light to mediums


thanks for all your kind posts and emails
it's been such a rough week with Mom
left her today in tears
she asked me to throw her in front of a train

the nursing supervisor got ahold of the psych care company
after my repeated complaints
they are now trying her on a different anti anxiety med
I voiced my concern
since when it was prescribed for me it
shot my anxiety and heart rate through the roof

but her current meds are clearly not working
I'm sure the heat and full moon aren't helping
different aides every day this week
some nice, some impatient

she is sad, angry and bored
all she wants is to go home
there is no explaining
that the home she wants only exists in her memory

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Can Explain

not exactly the rug you thought I'd be hooking...
when looking through my pile of "scrap" linen
this long narrow piece spoke to me

so here I am
hooking another piece for a beach room
I've been wanting to hook an angel or hearts for Debbie
it's fun to work with these colors
after the dark ones of late

the cat will be hooked sometime
it's a favorite

she is so over having her picture taken
she is ready to be brushed
or fed

Took the day off from visiting Mom
she was very angry with me yesterday for not taking her home
she was fine until after bingo
some days I can handle it
lately it's become so much harder
I nearly burst into tears yesterday
which only makes her madder

so today is a mental health day
it's not really working
anxiety and guilt eat away at me...

what my mind knows
is so different from what my heart feels

Friday, July 15, 2016

Next on the Frame

This morning I finished hooking
the third chair pad

it's time to move to a different project
with a change of colors...

I won't be dyeing anything special
like Saundra did (and I love)
just need to use up some worms

leaning towards a round chair pad
back in the morning to share some progress

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh Say Can You See

for the first time in a long time
yesterday Mom started helping with my little quilt

I put the patches on the table
and she started fiddling with them
she loves to count
so I told her I needed nine of each color

I'm going to have to cut out some more patches this morning
we're almost out of red!
these were cut from a previously disassembled project
 some day to be a flag...

Happy July 13th!

many years ago I was married on this day
it was a Friday
not the best decision I ever made
no regrets
everything that happens in my life has made me "me"
 okay maybe one regret...
I didn't stay in Colorado

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Adding the Gold

adding the gold definitely helped this mat
thinking it will good with blue in place of the green
I'm really fond of the blue star with red background
so not sure what the next mat will be

this one needs some fabric stitched to the end and bottom
sort of drew it too close to the edge
I need to learn how to set the zig zag stitch  
on "Mom"s" sewing machine
mine hasn't been touched in the years since I moved here

three years and all I've done is straight stitch...
I still have to get the book out to thread it every time!

hooking on these chair pads for Debbie is a lot of fun
no pressure
not sure if it will lead to continued hooking when they are done
my wool is not in the right place

no matter how I've tried to organize it
it's not comfortable to use
does that make sense?

most of the time Mom knows who I am
sometimes she thinks I'm "the other Kelley"
as long as she knows she is loved
I am happy

Wishing you a sweet day!


Sunday, July 10, 2016


too tired from work last night to hook
so Pinterest it is...

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday my friends

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chair Pad 3

this one needs something
maybe some gold in the star

the heart was just a doodle
it won't be hooked....

next on the frame will be something for me