Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole

it's as if I forgot all about this blog...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Not Forgotten Feline

A Not Forgotten Feline
rug designed and hooked
for the auction beginning Nov 9 on Facebook
check out
Forgotten Felines HSV Auction Page

I found out about them while
The Love and Hisses blog

close up of my signature in stitches
rug is approx 14 x 24
hand dyed and as-is wool strips on linen
edges whipped with wool thread
finished with strips of wool

this is closest to the true color
he is one lucky cat...

he was rescued and now lives a life of
love and devotion
with plenty of treats

the pattern is available from me
on primitive linen

Please share the auction info with your friends
you never know who might need
a new kitty!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Antique Reproduction Hook-a-Long

I found an antique rug photo on Pinterest
turned it into a gray scale image

simplified version for hooking

I started this Saturday on Facebook
you are most welcome to hook along with me

I drew my rug with cats in the lower corners

another antique rug from Pinterest
might be some inspiration for the background

I've started my hooking using pre cut strips from the baskets
will also be cutting as I go for desired colors

Day 1

Day 3

the blue flower pot
was inspired by my salt glaze pottery collection
subject to change as hooking progresses

Olivia the other day
complaining that Melrose was looking at her

trying to look innocent

Picked up my laptop from the shop today...
even with a smart phone and a Kindle I sort of felt lost...

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Again and Again

well my old friend depression
has settled in for a long visit

no advice needed
there is nothing I haven't tried
it will pass

on days when I can keep busy
instead of sleeping
the house is getting a deep clean

am glad I can function to workagai

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Now What

pulled out some twill from ages ago
before long I'll be making curtains for the kitchen

more yardage of the piece with the red
so that's the curtains

maybe some pillow covers from the other...

I am still painting the kitchen
good thing I live alone and am not bothered by the mess

removed the scrappy hooking samples

starting my Out of Hand Rug Hookers freebie
(Facebook group)

mine will end up being an altered version
of the pattern given
just because my mind has moved on 


I have a couple of prayer request for strength and healing
my cousin Patty 
a good friend of my NC sister, Betsy

thank you!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Scrappy Hooking

subtle differences

the row on the left was hooked using one wool

the middle row was hooked with two different wools

the last row was hooked with at least 3 different wools

I rarely hook anything using only one wool
whether it's the background, a house or flag
I like the interest mixing different wools creates

each of the wools in the left row is a texture
the blue is also overdyed

using a variety of wools comes naturally to me
my first handwork love was quilting
many people choose a line of fabric
and make a quilt using only those fabrics
to my eyes
it turns out looking like a purchased comforter
as the colors are made to blend well together
there is no spark, no interest
anyone could have made the exact same quilt

when I hook a rug
no one will ever hook one the same
having a large stash of wool
is like having a painter's palette
use this color, mix that color

all the same wool
ho hum to my eyes

a little better
but not much interest

this is what I love
mixing different shades of the same color
sometimes adding a bit of something different
rust with the red
gray with the tan
teal with the blue

So that's it
when it comes to wool
the more variation the better in my eyes


how about an update on my No Spend on Supplies year?

I broke down and bid on 2 kits by Notforgotten Farm
you know I love me some Lori B designs!!!
that were donated to the Mango on a Mission auction in May
thank you to one of my followers
for donating them 

last week the binge shopping continued with a new
wool dye book

that's it this year...less than $75 all together
is it okay if I pat myself on the back?
there is so much on my wish list
but even more on my 
"already in the house I want to stitch or hook" list

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Another Flag Rug

Flag Day rug #2
I do like to hook flags
this is the second version hooked in June
8.5 x 28.5

it is available to purchase

next blog post
will be some chat and photos
about my style of scrappy hooking

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Finishing a Small Rug

after pressing the rug
I do a two rows of a zig zag stitch
around the outside of the hooking
1/2 to 1" away

I round the corners when stitching
then trim off linen close to the stitching

I fold the linen towards the back

whip the edges
about 1/2" before reaching a corner
pinch the linen together

then fold the next side towards the back

manipulate the linen so it's 
as flat as possible
continue whipping the rug

after whipping I press rug again
cut or tear strips of wool to use for binding
I use wool that's a bit too heavy for hooking
because I have a stash of it
use any wool 
any width you like
my width is usually 1 1/2-2"

pin the wool to the back of the rug

I round the corner of the wool strip
very slightly

continue pinning
around the entire back
whip with quilting thread

this is how I do it
others pin the wool
then whip the outer edge and wool strip
at the same time
I like hand work
so the extra step works for me

there are many ways to finish a rug
this is my favorite
if it was a floor rug
I would whip over according at the edge first

just ask