Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day Gift

this is on the way for Mom
every time we look in the LLBean catalogue
she talks and talks about it...
she doesn't want to use our handmade quilts
afraid they'll get dirty or fade
it's not her dementia causing her to say this
she has always been a lover
of creating quilts and not using them
so my NC sister and I teamed up for this gift
the quilt and a sham
we are hoping she will keep them on the bed
in other news...
there is no news

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pinterest Birds


these both made me smile today...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


some nights it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut
at work...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Three More

more blocks for the friendship sampler
stopping at 20
setting them 4 x 5
not sure about the borders yet
Mom approves

perm day
normally Tuesday but there was a luncheon
she just ignores me when I take photos now
the lady at the end of the table is 99
she loves her diet Pepsi
We've had a few better days
not good
because she scared her friend Ann
who then wouldn't talk to her until today
but today we all talked and laughed
played bingo
better, not perfect
Mom's new roommate is 105
she doesn't speak English
is a tiny 85 pounds with a wonderful smile
she's only here for some rehab
Wishing you a peaceful day!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

It Got Bad

We had such a good morning and early afternoon...for some reason after church Mom got into a terrible the time they called me a few hours later she was yelling at everyone, kicking at the doors and windows...going into the kitchen to look for a knife...
It did not improve when I got there...the nurse called the Dr to request am IM injection to calm her down...but in his infinite wisdom he decides she needs to have a psyche consult first...I'm sure that will go over well with her dementia and distrust of new people...
She had thrown her pills and water, refused dinner, kicked at her friend, slapped anyone wanting to comfort her...and told me I was going to hell and she hoped she never saw me again...
I hid around the corner for a while...after a few hours she agreed to go to bed...but no meds...
Change was in the air sister has been out of town a few days, a different nurse than usual,Mom's roommate passed away this morning, a different aide was there...all little things adding up to her breakdown...
Fortunately the night nurse and aide are well known to her so she let them take care of her...while her outbursts are infrequent, they have been increasing...I dread ever having to move her to a different facility...

Friendship Sampler

well, the new quilt is in the works at least
Mom is arranging the blocks in different ways
so we can choose what goes where
still need 8 more blocks
before the final setting
these are the blocks from
Cheri's Friendship Quilt on Facebook
I've had such fun using scraps
along with the pieces from disassembled blocks and quilts
along with plenty of pink and blue

am going for a brighter look than my usual
but still sneak in a dark now and then
Cheri has set her blocks with alternating squares
mine will have none
so I can fit it on Mom's wall easier...
all my blocks are cut out
ready to stitch
Thank you Cheri for all the fun!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nothing Much

found this red watering can on Pinterest today
makes me want to get out the paint for mine...

she takes her job seriously every day
it fills my heart to see her concentrating and enjoying herself
the "after" patches
so much nicer without the dark alternating blocks
Hope your days are going well
everything is the same as usual around here...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter


a new green jacket
basket full of goodies...
Mom says I do too much
I say never

I swear she had to open every egg
to check out the different candies...
lots of caramel
a little "good" chocolate from local manufacturer
white cheddar popcorn
plus two new green shirts
the lady who sits across from her always looks mad
most of the time she is
today she was more confused
so Mom gave her a big egg filled with candy
made them both smile
After lunch we had prayers and Gospel sing-a-long
the church scheduled had to cancel today due to illness
we still had a wonderful time
over the months I've convinced Mom to sing louder
who cares if we sound awful
we are making a joyful noise!
I offered a walk outside
it's sunny and 75* today
or jigsaw puzzles
she opted for a nap
 photo from yesterday
Mom's still enjoying taking this quilt top apart
I'm getting rid of the alternating blocks
to just sew the patchwork together
love that she gets into her own little world
when she does the ripping
I'm out of things to take apart after this...
Wishing you a Blessed Easter

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Oh Mom

yesterday Mom did not want her lunch
or anything else offered
there is a cart in the kitchen full of healthy snacks
the bags of popcorn are new
Mom happens to love this popcorn
and is thrilled to get the small bag that fits in her purse
of course, two minutes later
it's out of her purse
she and Ann shared the contents...
she was fine when I left
waiting for Stations of the Cross
then game time
apparently after that
she went into the kitchen on her unit
found a pair of scissors in the drawer
(a huge no-no for staff to have them there)
and proceeded to cut her seatbelt off
she thought she'd
get out of the chair and walk home
sigh, so happy she didn't fall out of her chair

today I gave her a pair of 3x cheaters
says she can see clearly through them
is not thrilled with how small they are
she wore them a little for taking blocks apart
then a little for bingo
we decided her eyes will need time to adjust
we have fun there win or lose
she and Ann each won three games
those quarters add up...
she's won $8.25 this year
saying soon she'll have enough to buy a yard of fabric
she was fine when I left after bingo
sitting and talking to her friends
just wondering what she'll get up to tonight...
only a few more days of antibiotics
Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts
on the Bad Days post
it's such a heartbreak when she has pain
when she feels like she's done something wrong
 is locked up for it
no one should have to feel that way
especially not a sweetie like my Mom