Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gameboards Again

this one is especially inspiring
with the houses, trees and cats...

 still hard at work on Mom's quilt
once that's off to be quilted
I might have to pick up the hook...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gameboards to Hook

I love antique gameboards
knowing that they will never be in my budget
I plan to "someday"
hook a room full of them...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bouncing Back

pretty much sums it up
thanks for the kind comments and emails
on my lost sheep post
some days it all gets to be too much
back on track today

Monday, August 24, 2015

Lost Little Sheep

been feeling pretty lost the past few weeks

Monday, August 17, 2015


this summer I wasn't very consistent feeding the birds
mostly because mom hardly stays in her room anymore
also because it's hot

the other day I sucked it up
bought her a new finch feeder and wonderful seeds
no sooner did I take the first photo
than what should appear...
I knew they'd find the new feeder quickly
another resident a few rooms down
has the little lovely birds all the time
Mom is happy with this new bird feeder
she told my NC sister
"it's the absolute truth Kelley knows what I like"
in other news
her quilt is getting closer to the flimsy stage
miscounted so am stitching another row
this is after the reworking of the blocks
I kept passing over

Friday, August 14, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015


enjoying our new quilt book
she said I shouldn't plan on getting it back
any time soon

this morning Melrose rested his chin 
on the blanket for hours
until I pointed the camera his way

Mom loves seeing pics of him
touches his nose
and says how she loves him

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mom Update

after her fall about 10 days ago
they changed Mom's seatbelt
she has been very intrigued by it
it has a car like connection instead of Velcro
she can get it unbuckled
it just takes more effort
yesterday she told me it's Uncle Dick's and he wants it back
told her okay
as soon as we get a new one for her chair
she was okay with that

last week someone brought in bunches of flowers
to put on all the tables in Mom's hall
they were gorgeous
Mom made sure to keep up with the dead heading

Mom and Ann comparing bruises
a daily ritual
we've been doing puzzles again
ordered three new ones this week
Springbok has the best 36 piece puzzles
lunch on Sunday
she loves her scalloped potatoes so I ordered her
a double portion
can you see why it's extra hard for her to lose weight?
She's had some bad days this week
refusing therapy for the most part
she doesn't like the male physical therapy staff
I don't blame her
the are often impatient and spend all their time
talking to each other
Hoping after the orthopedic surgeon visit next we
we'll have a new brace
with therapy that can be done sans the men!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last of the Whites

last of the whites for a while
should have some of my own pics tomorrow
nothing white though
isn't this display wonderful?

I have a nice clothesline
running from the house to a tree
with my wonky ankles I seldom use it
as the ground dips a few feet out the door
but when I do
it's always for linens

Don't let anyone ever tell you
a full moon doesn't cause plenty of
Altered Mental Status
with resultant injuries
I've been working in the ER
the past few nights
so glad it's my weekend off!
I stopped to get an oil change yesterday
glad I did because one tire
had a nail in the tread with low pressure
this morning I had someone come change it
I'm not a DIY car gal
I would hate to be on the side of the road
waiting for help in this heat
hope you have a great weekend
my feet will be up after visiting Mom
plenty of work to be done on her quilt

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Heart Says Paint


my heart says paint
my feet say sit
this room is so inspiring
the walls, the windows
the slip covers for sure

yummy room
now I really have seen everything
leaving work last night
a man on a motorcycle
was looking at his cell phone as he went through
the intersection
imagine I'll see him again
in the ER
it's a noisy morning here
they are finally tearing down the house
on the street behind mine
the fire that ruined it was Nov 2013
took a while to get everything sorted out
Cindy's boys
quit paying the insurance without telling their aunt
so the bank had possession for
most of the past 2 years
it's been a real eyesore since...
lucky for me
my trees block most of the view
stitching continues on moms quilt
it's too unwieldy to take and work on it with mom
some I'm backing to quilting small quilts
when visiting
there is a ton of binding in my future!