Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Needed To Laugh

some things that amused me
on Pinterst today

I want one of these!!!

like the giant rubber duck
(that's now gone)
I'd love to see this in person

Saturday, July 19, 2014


while waiting for lunch to arrive
Mom worked on cutting strips for the mats
it kept her busy for a while...
by the time lunch arrived
the only thing she wanted was the Black Forest Cake
I think she was trying to
stage a hunger strike until I drove her home
resisting the cake was too much
then she forgot about being upset
ate the watermelon and pineapple I brought
minute by minute it goes
*Mom was thrilled to find jeans in her closet this morning
she thought they were someone else's
but decided to try them on anyway!
a few days ago one of her friends
had dark jeans on at lunch
Mom went on and on about them
how she needed a pair too
they had a good time talking about them
before lunch

Stephanie and Mom on their walk
I thought they were going to bingo
driving out I saw them
with no umbrella
(it was barely drizzling)
opened the window to offer a large or small
Mom picked the large colorful one
Stephanie just graduated from high school
she will be going away to university later this summer
we're going to miss her a lot
She and her sister Bailey have
been sitting with Mom for a while now
she really enjoys their company
(most of the time)
Bailey will be a senior this year
for now Mom says she'll be fine when they go back
am hoping Bailey will have Sat or Sun free
some weeks
I'm be looking for another person
just in case
these two will be hard to replace
they are so good with Mom

Friday, July 18, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady

my BIL Frank
has always told me single women
should know this
Pippi in the sun
falling asleep
Mel on his favorite ottoman
recently moved to the rec room
(aka my get it out of the way spot)
he can look out a door from here
listen to the birds
nap stretched out over both side
also a perfect spot to brush him
when he's sleeping in
these two definitely keep me sane!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rag Rug Progress?

this link is a big help
for rag rug beginners
As for Mom and I...
I'm hooked and could spend all my time
weaving these mats
Mom is too agitated to settle
and roll the strips
home home home
is all she talks about
getting herself all worked up
diversions will work for a little while
of course she has UTI again/still
so that makes it worse
thinking of a different diversion for today
I'm running out of ideas!
she is one stubborn gal

Monday, July 14, 2014

Day Off

just saying

I'll be spending the day with Mom
from lunch until bedtime
have already told her
I'll need a nap
she'll forget of course
but that's okay
just being near her
makes me feel better

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rag Rugs

Mom needs a project
something we can do together
or she can work on alone
she is so BORED

we have a few frames left
that my dear BIL Frank made us years ago
so I thought we could weave a few mats
start small with 9" squares
then maybe on to larger pieces...
found this example on Pinterest
first we'll work on the strips
rolling them in to rag balls...
will need to look at my book
for directions on how-to from there
it's been years since weave done this
praying it is something that will
interest her and make her feel useful
I told her we're going to give them away
she loves that idea!
day off yesterday
spent most of it sleeping
and running with the stomach flu
or more likely reaction from delicious pasta and sauce
lunch and dinner the day before
either way...I got lots of rest
watched lots of Fringe episodes
and brushed a bushel of fur of Melrose
feeling much better today
good thing
took the day off to go with Mom to ortho doc
think it's been 6 months since her last visit
hoping we won't need to go back
this is about the size we'll start with

Monday, July 7, 2014

As Good As It Gets

we need one of these!
Yesterday was a keeper
shorthand version to nudge my memory in the future:
complete prep of bedroom walls
sort a bag of fabric by colors
talk about making quilts
Bob Evans for lunch with Mom
homemade brownies for her and staff
she's okay with me going home for a few hours
it's going to rain
trim hedges and bushes
look over and see Melrose hanging on the screen
I just put in the door this morning
have to go get him down
light rain
clean up
weed beside garage...lots of chippy paint
mostly at the roofline around the house
use up some of her stash of Round Up on weeds
back to see Mom
happy so happy to see me
she's bored and restless
edited to add

Mom's blankets needed a wash today
so I got the dark olive
one out of the closet
she had forgotten about it and thought it was an Army blanket
so excited to help me put it on the bed
coffee and ice cream watching TV in common area
she picks the chocolate
watching PBS cooking show
decide it's too much work to make
butterscotch pudding from scratch
back in her room we watch the birds
then two chipmunks show up
entertaining us with their antics on the bird feeders
they fill up and zoom away
downy wood pecker and cardinal are rarities
a rabbit munching under the feeder
Mom sees me with my foot on the bed
so she turns her wheelchair to face the bed
puts both her feet up
watching the birds
I look over to see her
looking like the old Mom
the spell is broken when the aide brings
her dinner tray
peanut butter and strawberry jelly on wheat
potato chips and coffee
I go to retrieve banana/orange mix fixed early
some toast
by the time I get back half the sandwich is gone
she's saying she never had PB&J before
I tend to agree
have only seen PB and butter
we reminisce about her making the mix
of banana and oranges with a touch of sugar

edited to add

we gave Deb a call after dinner
she always makes Mom laugh
finally she hands me the phone saying you talk
later she tells the aide
Deb can talk your ear off!
it's only a little after six and she's ready for bed
under her new favorite blanket
by six thirty she's out cold
grab her laundry
stop at grocery store
home again
start a load of laundry
feed the cats
watch an episode of Fringe
check on the cats
Melrose hanging out on footstool moved from bedroom
to rec room...he can see out the door now
Olivia on top of flannel sheets on dryer
under an open window
next to back door with newly placed screen
she loves her fresh air
more Fringe
almost 9:45
check on laundry
fireworks start at nearby park
I can see them over the trees
out the back window
I love fireworks!!!
oh man this is a great spot
watch the whole show
not a perfect day
but I couldn't have asked for as better one
(photo from online...just like the ones by mom)

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I've always wanted a white picket fence
doesn't have to be large

there are some shrubs I'd like to remove
replace with a fence
it's on my someday list
after finding this photo
now I want a front window like this

another reminder to self

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cat Snack Toss

snack toss in the kitchen yesterday
so mom could see the new floor
and her two favorite cats

Olivia really is much smaller
than Melrose
though I can see and feel she's gained some weight
getting her on a diet is not
going to be easy...just like me

the dog that visits was there
when I aimed the camera
must have sensed me zooming in...
last night when I shut the front door
he went scampering away from the house
has a collar
obviously well fed...
he just loves the front yard
someday I'll get a photo

on our walk yesterday
we took a different route
the bee balm has really taken off
one of my favorites...
the hydrangeas are awesome this year
they have huge pink blooms all over
Mom wants some for her yard too!
we went through a bag of fabric yesterday
deciding what to keep what to share
will repeat that today...
she loves looking at fabric
well, back to my painting chores

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

wishing all my friends
a wonderful day...
I'm doing some scrubbing, spackling and painting
visiting mom a few times
possibly weeding if time allows
there can't be any chipped paint
for the bank appraiser...
I have only cuss words for the eaves!