Monday, May 29, 2017

Simple Inspiration

antique cookie cutters
perfect for simple hooking inspiration

Make it a good day!
a great way to honor those who served for our freedom

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Too Much Wool?

my very messy hooking area
this is only part of the wool from a basket
makes it easier to pick strips
for my scrappy rug

the other side with the lights
most of the light strips are in a different large basket
all this hooking
is not making a dent it seems

final corner
rug is sitting crooked on the frame
it's mostly straight across the bottom

rug is set aside while I keep contemplating the words to be hooked
I've narrowed it down to two phrases

we're doing an indoor picnic tonight at work
just the four of us...

I was going to cook this chicken...
instead I'm picking up something from a local restaurant
that's me
no cooking when ever possible!

oh how Mom would love this
sharing was as natural to her as breathing

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love These Wool Balls

after purchasing some dryer balls last month
I don't know why I ever did laundry without them!

there are tons of instructions on Pinterest
the link above looks good

I have lots of colorful wool yarn
I've been meaning to overdye for years... 
this looks like a better use
great for gifts!

my NC sister is mooning over these...

scraps of yarn...or wool worms

my favorite


I found my weavers (not monks) cloth this morning
after about an hour in the wool room

I left work last night to find a very flat tire
HUGE nail in it
so glad it was in the parking lot
and not on the way home

this very klutzy person does not change tires...
or use power tools
or climb ladders
I like all my fingers and toes just the way they are


Wishing you a good weekend
I'll be working

thinking of all the men and women who served
to provide us with our freedom
we are very blessed

Friday, May 26, 2017

Background Hooking

image found on Pinterest
link provided to Skinner Inc
so you can see the background better
it's amazing

my large rug is going to rest for a bit
while I hook up some small pieces


finally found my punch needle
now where did I put the monks cloth?
Happy Friday!



Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Found My Direction

this is where my latest rug is heading
not these words though...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hooking Away

rug progress
approx 42 x 25
beyond time to choose something for the center

lightened up the second photo
closer to true colors

angel arrangement 
in memory of Mom from the staff at her facility
my sister has it
since the cats love fresh plants

some of my very old hooked pieces...

 as always
he wants to know why I'm not brushing/petting him

it's supposed to storm here later
so I better go tackle some weeds...

Saturday, May 20, 2017


if I keep looking at Magdelina style rugs
I keep hooking on mine
slow progress with all the circles I'm doing right now
will share a few photos tomorrow


definitely my sort of recipe
only 2 ingredients
after a few days of cravings
it's been pretty easy this week
I'm just bored with the all the protien

give me a loaf of bread and a stick of butter!!!
 just kidding


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hooking Progress

haven't done much hooking lately
a little progress on this one
I roll it up
put it away
then get it back out when 
nothing else feels right to hook either

sooner or later
I'll figure out what I want in the middle


my favorite animal shelter
is looking for people to stitch toys
and other items to sell in the gift shop

thinking a smaller version of this
for little girls

Monday, May 15, 2017

Shaker Boxes

 my family has been in love with 
Shaker Boxes for as long as I can remember
my mother collected
my sister and her husband collect
I collect

most of mine are a wood stain finish
maybe 8 or so are painted stash is a few dozen or so
I've even given a few away
to said sister and husband

it's wonderful to see them being used with needlework
all the above images are LeHay's
my BIL has always planned on making Shaker Boxes
he's finishing up a cedar lined closet now
fingers crossed...

vintage boxes found on Pinterest

so it's Day 4 of my low carb-no sugar eating
feeling better
but know there is far more to my eating 
than just lack of willpower

it's called Binge Eating Disorder

I am working on
 finding professional help locally
time to kick this once and for all!


Sunday, May 14, 2017