Monday, July 9, 2018

In Progress

I have been on a real
red, white and blue kick this summer

this is one of many small quilts
in progress


plus a few favorite Pinterest finds...

 this cat!

this quilt!
I've already started cutting the triangles...

 this door!

this is me...

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hired Man Quilt

image from Pinterest

many of my favorite antique quilts
are known as
hired hand or hired man quilts

they are usually very scrappy 
very utilitarian
probably most were worn out
before becoming antiques...
this one is circa 1890

Wishing everyone a wonderful
4th of July

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Antique Sampler and Rugs

all images from Pinterest

not normally a red person
this sampler keeps calling to me

wonderful colors in this one
so very scrappy

this is one I'd like to recreate
if I ever feel like hooking again

taking a break from sewing room work today
didn't even wash the curtains as I'd planned

I added a backing and signed a hooked chairpad
finished stitching on the wool backing strips on one rug
starting on another
cut out some wool applique shapes

progress vs procrastination 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cotton Closet

yesterday this closet was overflowing with wool
that has been moved to a different room

this closet now contains about 80% of my quilt fabric
might not be amazing to you
but to me it is unbelievable

when this was Mom's house the closet was overflowing
there were baskets and bags full of cotton
around the room
my house had four floor to ceiling metal shelving units
stuffed with cotton
plus more baskets and bags

over the years I downsized
she downsized
we mostly donated to our church and other charities

our joy in collecting got the best of us
I took years off from stitching to hook
she slowed down in her stitching...

it pleased us both to donate
to share our "wealth"

now my stash of cotton is not overwhelming
if only I could say that about the wool 

Happy Saturday!

the antibiotics have taken hold so the pain is gone

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sewing Room

one corner started...
I gave up on the painting before rearranging
otherwise it would never get done

this is more of a storage corner
the real work gets done diagonally across the room
where most of my tools and the best lights are

next I'll tackle the closet
currently full of wool
going to change it back to quilt fabric
 now that I have so much less fabric
it should all fit in the closet

I am taking plenty of stitching breaks...

Happy Friday!
I'm home from work with a tooth abcess
waiting for the antibiotics to work
so I can have something done Monday

Thursday, June 21, 2018

No Paint Yet

why no paint yet you ask?

well, I got home from work yesterday around 7am
after starting at 3 pm
now I know nurses who work doubles all the time

not me
I'm a straight 8 hour type
except when emergency surgeries come up
late in your shift...

so I ended up staying over 6 1/2 hours
not a problem when you are helping a pateint
but when you leave the building
your body crashes
as least mine did

this 58 year old doesn't recover like she used to
so glad yesterday was my day off
even if I spent 95% of it sleeping

more than ever surgeons and surgery personnel
have my utmost respect
I could never do that day in and day out 

so the paint will have to wait
until next weekend
maybe by then my feet and ankles will have recovered!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Barn Quilt Art

ran across this on Pinterest
thinking I might need two or four
definitely going against my quest for less
so they will go on my wish list
for now


Monday, June 18, 2018

UFO Progress

found this adorable cat and quilt photo
on Pinterest
this would be my Olivia in the winter...

Yesterday I got busy making binding
for some of my nearly finished small quilts
now the binding is halfway done on one of them

why did it take me years to do this! 

the small hallway has been wiped down
tomorrow I'll do the taping
off Wednesday so hope to be painting then 

Happy Monday 

I can feel a depressive episode creeping up...
wishing as always it would pass me by
or there was a surgery to get it out
but I know it just is
I've lived through it many times before
and can ride it out again


Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Pumpkin Wall

if you've followed my blog for any time
you know this is one of my designs
a real favorite of mine 
 of course, it resides in NC with my sister

so I recently drew up one to hook for myself
which led to thinking about all my rugs
rolled up in baskets, drawers and on shelves
there are many on the walls
I am tired of looking at them

so I decided to get all my pumpkin rugs together
along with a few cat rugs
to create all wall of them

off the wall came the quilt
wall dusted

step back
it needs painting

there it stands
rugs all cleaned of cat fur
stacked in a big pile
waiting for someone to paint this hallway wall

what do you think the chances are
that I'll just hang another quilt up 
in a few days/weeks...


Wishing everyone a happy Father's Day
I sure miss my Dad's deep voice and wonderful smile
I miss him every day
mostly with a happy heart
for the love he shared with Mom and our family
remains the best memory ever

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Two of Many

one of the many pieces I've been working on lately
there will be patchwork flags
stitched along one side
will hang horizontally...

sewing room angel (invisible wings)
inspired by antique cookie cutters
have a bunch drawn up...
most with more than one angel


work has been very stressful lately
financial troubles 
leading to layoffs and cut hours for some
working short all the time for everyone else
learning a new normal 
for now
I still have a job and all my hours
trying not to worry
about how long it will last...
I work for a non profit hospital 
it's one of the last independently owned