Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday This and That

home early from work...
so glad it was my turn
haven't been feeling well since work on Sunday night
when I pulled a groin muscle
made a hernia that already needed surgery worse 
the patient we were moving wasn't all that large
I've been waiting for surgery
to have enough sick and vacation time
to cover the 6 weeks I'll need

might not happen now


so tonight I'm taking a little hooking break
to get my worms baskets back in order
when I hook I tend to make quite the mess

I've been studying Magdelina rugs this week
my current rug is leaning towards her style
hoping the next one will be even more so


as for Mom
she has good moments
some strung together for short periods of time
she frets about going home to see her Mom
in case she means she ready to go
I always tell her I don't blame her
she can go see Grandma without me and I'll catch up

sometimes it includes yelling
she says she just has to yell

can only imagine the frustration she is feeling
I scream in my car sometimes
I told her we can bundle her up
then go outside so she can scream

today she said no
but maybe tomorrow...

tonight at work I had a patient a bit younger than Mom
she was there for hours
finally the ER staff was cleared to give her dinner

we had to return for another x ray in her room
she asked about dessert
all we had in the fridge was jello and vanilla pudding
not good for a chocolate loving girl

after getting permission
I ran to the vending machine
to get her some chocolate
she was so happy! 

and that my friends is what life is all about

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On the Frame

a little more progress...

you see the evidence on the right side
this is being hooked over a Woolen Memories pattern
one I started half a dozen times

this is my year to use things up
move on from past projects
that just don't work for me

fabric from a sweet friend in Texas
Mom is in awe of all the beautiful colors
she loved putting them in the basket
we are not going to use them 
until everyone sees them organized

I stayed until she fell asleep last night
she was telling her NC daughter all about the fabric
laughing and laughing about
all the fabric crazy quilters we know and are

it has been a while since we heard that laugh
my sister had tears in her eyes as she thanked me for calling
we sure love hearing Moms laugh

Mom would like you to know
her arm is not that big in person
and those are scars from when she was in a fire as a child
not wrinkles

we are still work on adjust her meds
fine line between each dose change

my favorite pic from St Patrick's Day 
if you are in my tribe sorry for your luck
but I'm going to need all the crazy this month

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hooking and Cats

showing a little brighter than real life colors
hooking from the worm baskets
using strips that have been passed by
for years and years

Mom says the cat on my new rug
should have big eyes... 

wonder why?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No More Stuff

all the images are from Pinterest
I don't need more stuff
just need to get it out where I can see it to use

this is fat quarters of cotton
I'd use it for wool

too fussy for me
I like the idea of hanging organizers though

I'm thinking my patterns on red dot
or other large patterns on paper

 maybe I've shared this one before
love , love, love these
will definitely need to get the pattern

I have lots of wall space in my sewing room
all these projects could fit on one wall


after a visit with mom
I hope to be home and hooking the rest of the day
it's brutally cold and windy
intermittent snow

wishing you a warm and cozy day

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All This Red

yesterday I shared just one corner
here is the entire rug
wonderful border

 the face!

something about this rug...
it's going on my to hook list

there is a rug on my frame
will share a photo tomorrow


haven't heard from Glenda
book giveaway winner
if I haven't heard from her by tomorrow
the book is going elsewhere


a little peek into my work life
some days I actually have to put my hand up
it's the only thing that works...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Changing Rugs Again

my current project has been set aside
just not feeling it...
so now I'm on the lookout something to hook

I like these colors...

I keep coming back to this rug
it might finally be time...


Mom's meds seem to be working pretty good
but her desire to go home and visit her mother
pretty much overrides everything

we've had a few good days in a row
reality says
about time for the roller coaster to change course


my NC sister and her husband
are visiting much earlier than planned 
only 2-3 weeks and they'll be here!

a treat for all of us


Book Winner: Glenda

you've won the book giveaway
please send me your address
so I can ship!

check your spam please...I sent an email yesterday

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slow Progress is Still Progress

in case you're not on Facebook
here's my rug progress
still working out which colors to use
which to leave out

I'm used to hooking much faster than this
especially with such a stash of wool strips
right now I'm splitting my time between hooking and cleaning
my NC sister will be here in a month
she and her DH will be doing some work for me
they know I have no time
but still...

Mom went to the hair salon for a trim today
she's been refusing for about a month
( we had a good day
she was looking serious here
after dropping a puzzle piece on the floor)

it's a roller coaster ride for her
always happy for good days
they started her on a new medicine
an anti-anxiety cream 
praying it helps
so we can keep the Haldol to a minimum

some day I get all boo hoo about my life
then  I talk to a lady at the facility who is my age
has MS, broke her leg last year, hasn't walked since
she has been doing rehab for months
as her leg heals while she works to lose some weight

a little giveaway for my blog readers
please don't share
I'd like this to be for my regular readers...

a very nice book
but once through was enough for me
a little worn around the edges
from bouncing around in my totebag

leave a comment on this post
letting me know of a story you'd like to hook

I'll draw a name Saturday morning
March 11th
it's already in an envelope with a piece of wool

planning on getting to the post office Monday morning

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making Do

on the frame
using up a pattern/backing from 2004
drawn on soft linen
 I'm not at all fond of this sort of linen
so kept passing the pattern by

using it for a geometric worm busting rug is perfect!

yesterday I was dithering over dark or light background
I'd prefer light 
the worm baskets said dark

this is one of the antique designs on the pattern
it might be tough hooking over them 


I'm being as frugal as can be this year
saving for when I'll need time off for mom

there is so much in my stash to "make do" with
next step will be to sell off a few things
that I haven't gotten around to

Mom has had some better days as her meds 
are being decreased...
yesterday was awesome
hated going to work she was so much herself


Friday, March 3, 2017


NC sister has been sharing some photos
that she must have snagged years ago...

Mom and Grandma 
I never knew Mom was a candy striper
late 30's or early 40's

 Deb had a lot of foot problems when she was born
her little legs are in casts...

a better day yesterday
not so medicated
working on our new garden puzzle
maybe today she'll let me do her hair!

nice Mary is to her right
she always cries in the afternoon
she has been so worried about Mom
they hold hands
 planning on heading home any day now

at the end of the table is Dorothy
she's 100 and 5 months
she was on a tear yesterday
cracking up at everything
asking for a new Cadillac, any color would do

thank you so much for your kind words, support and prayers
it all means more than you can ever know


Wednesday, March 1, 2017


adjusting her meds takes so much time
it's heartbreaking to see her "snowed"
it feels worse than her rage

she was very medicated
but did enjoy a visit with Stella
a doll she bought me over 20 years ago

I am spending all my days off with her
from lunch to bed time
awake or asleep
we are in this together

not getting much done at home
important phone calls, paying bills
fussing with the cats

one Xanax at a time for me