Monday, October 24, 2016

Antiuqe Rug and Freebies

found on Pinterest

not so fond of the entire rug though
 just the cats
or are they dogs

 more rough draft freebies
I figured out how to scan in b/w
no more pink backgrounds

 my NC sister loves tombstone angels
guess it's time to hook her another one

Please feel free to use these patterns
with the normal requests 

These will be the last for a while
I've gotten things organized
so that means I won't 
remember where they are in a few days

 back to work tonight
the house is a little cleaner - a lot more organized
things set aside to donate - to recycle
a new rug hooked
cats brushed to sleek and fluffy gorgeousness
 a pretty good stay-cation in my book  

Thanks for all your kind words on my doodles
most are 7-8 years old
hooking all the simple geometrics for Debbie
(two beachy and 6 star chair pads)
really helped diminish the worm stash

More than that
they gave me back my love of hooking
it had been buried under all 
that has gone on in my life the past 4 years

did I mention that my latest rug was for me?
no more
guess who wants it on her wall


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cats, Freebies and A Question

one constant remains
I love cats
real cats, hooked cats and cat art

I used to love creating and decorating for Halloween
now I prefer fall

no more snowmen for me
I prefer a simple Santa or something from nature

tastes change over time
how have your tastes changed in your creating/decorating
over the years?


today's freebies are old rough drafts
once doodled and forgotten
I think
who knows
maybe a nicer version appeared in a collection

we used to have pink scrap paper at work
years ago
if you look closely
you can see the pirate cat
doodled on the back

change the pumpkin to a star, tree or pennies

 seeing this one again
makes me want to hook it from the worm baskets

as always, change to what you love
a word, date or hit n miss 

 Louis Rosckosch -:

as always, the patterns are free to use
if you follow the guidelines suggested in 
my previous post!
(feel free to share images of your finished items,
just not the patterns themselves, thanks)

I'd love to see anything you make from these freebies...

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Rug and a Few Freebies

started this yesterday
using just worms so far
will see if I need to cut something as it progresses...


I think this is one I never shared
or sold or whatever...
use this as a starting point
hook two cats, less stars, more pumpkins


from one of my first pattern collections
a favorite!

you might give the cat a Santa hat
change the pumpkin to a snowman head...
use the word merry

*please do not share on Pinterest or other online locations

Have fun with these patterns
all I ask is that you give me credit for the design
don't sell the pattern in any form

you may sell your finished work
no mass producing
and all the usual respect the designer requests

I have plenty of patterns to share
especially of cats

It's a dreary, rainy afternoon in NE, Ohio
perfect for getting back to hooking my black cat rug

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cats and Other Cats

during my search for antique black cat sock doll images
I came across this rug...
 sort of a simple Magdalena

love and love

Mom does not share my love of sock dolls
 rolls her eyes at me

this brown one is quite the fella...

no plans to make any yet
especially if Julie
keeps making them to sell!
 * click on her name to see her picturetrail

Come back tomorrow for some free cat patterns
for hooking, punching and what have you
 I went through all my doodles
from the past 10+ years
some are from past booklets
some never shared
I'll be adding these to the blog now and then




Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bringing the Joy

yesterday I took this book in to share with Mom
 I swear she has been clutching it to her chest
while awake since then

we look at it while I'm there
plan on which doll to make
she is so happy with it

says I can come over her house and we can get busy
 this is as close to joy as it gets!

we often check out the early dolls on Pinterest
we love their simple faces
we make up a story about each doll 

we especially love the old black ones
but are aware that they might offend some people
who don't understand...

so we decided to make only pale face dolls for now

this few hours/days of joy
has been a real treasure

she shared the book with local sister this morning
talked to NC two nights in a row about it
 feeling blessed with a happy Mom!


A few folks have been asking about Ann
seems I only posted on FB when she passed
 a few weeks ago

after a short illness
with being confined to her bed a few weeks 
our dear friend Ann passed away October 1st

Mom has had a hard time adjusting 
first to her intermittent confinement to bed
then seeing her sick when we visited
finally her passing
they were two peas in a pod
for so long

we are doing are best to find Mom new friends
she and I are so much alike
we are quite the introverts
preferring one close friend to many

she has been lost without her friend
my local sister has stepped up once or twice
to visit her when I leave for work
(a bad time of day for mom if no activity)

Even though I knew Ann for less than three years
she has a large spot in my heart
not only for being Mom's good friend 
but for being mine

she would always tell me
"she'll be okay, I'm here" when I left for work
she loved to tell me about staying
up until midnight working on a quilt
because she just couldn't stop

she was ornery too 
heaven forbid someone take her place at the lunch table
or ignore her when she yelled bingo
and don't you dare have carrots in her soup

RIP dear Ann

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wool Therapy

nothing like a large dose of wool
to get Mom and me

I've started cutting strips of wool again
Mom organizes them into bundles for me

she takes her work very seriously
 she suggested I hang the bundles on the peg board
in the sewing room so I can see what I have cut

when talking about things fabric related
she remembers most everything!

After tonight I'm off for 8 days...
only plans are to relax and potter around the house

Have a great Saturday!
it's gorgeous here in Ohio

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


if you need me
I'll be joining Melrose in the box

Sunday, September 25, 2016



planning a new pumpkin rug
with crows...

right now I'm back to the geometric
lost interest in the little cat and pumpkin rug

plenty of pressing on my plate
the big stack of chair pads all have whipped edges
now to press and stitch on wool backing

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another 2 Cats Mat

another simple one
to empty out the worm baskets

can anyone recommend a simple
dog themed antique rug
to inspire my hooking?

I'm going to hook a little mat for a fund raiser
it's just that I can't draw a dog!

thanks in advance for your help...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Srappy Tips

asked me about my hit-n-miss hooking
I should really just refer to it as scrappy

I choose my colors palette...
this project included all the colors except the light neutrals
mostly medium to light shades

no high contrast strips

I have a ton of worms after cutting so many last year 
for Mom and Ann to sort for me
 normally there would never be a mountain of worms

they have been sorted by color
then into light, medium and dark bundles
placed in a large basket by color

I pull a bunch of worms 
 put them on the rug in progress
my huge Talon frame has given me lots of room
to the left in this photo is a small basket overflowing with worms
I work from these worms
pulling from the large baskets as needed

I NEVER pull a random strip and hook
the traditional way to hit-n-miss
I have to like the feel of the rug I'm hooking
I've tried the traditional way and it doesn't work for me

I hate to waste linen
normally I draw my pattern leaving a 2-3 inch background
stitch on some scrap fabric so I can move it on the frame
usually I hook beyond the marked outside edge too

adding scrap fabric to your background 
lets you hook on small pieces of linen

if you purchase a pattern 
with a generous background
stitch some fabric to the edge before hooking
then use the excess linen for coasters or ornaments
before you take it off the frame

*while this one is off the frame
I'm going to do a few more small pumpkin mats

some of my rugs from years ago
the American Alphabet Crow was such fun to hook
if I remember correctly I did the border first
without any idea of what would go in the middle
obviously my design

bottom left is a Lori Brechlin pattern 
Old Glory my own drawing

it feels good to be back hooking
thanks to all who have welcomed me back