Monday, June 29, 2015

Cutting Patches

 another simple RW&B quilt
I've been cutting 2" patches when I get a chance...

love this one
for sure I'd make the star blocks
the border is another story
maybe red star blocks instead
I've been cutting blue star blocks too
the hand sewing basket is getting mighty full
the only stitching being done
is on Mom's new quilt
as long as I give her something to occupy her hands
she lets me stitch
and quits nagging me to find a boyfriend
how I love her!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

An In Between Project

I recently sent a few blocks
to a blogger collecting them for
Quilts of Valor
they were stitched pretty quickly for me
since all work is done by hand
deadlines and I don't get along

it got me thinking
about the fabric in my stash
that might never get used
mostly because I'm not a navy fan
but for Americana blocks it's a different story
slow stitching RW&B blocks
for veterans will be a breeze 

as I go through the stash
organizing by color
I've been cutting out Evening Star blocks
setting the patches in a box
to be stitched when time allows

I always like to have some mindless stitching
ready for spare minutes...
do you do that too?
seems I can't bear to just sit with idle hands


Friday, June 26, 2015

Whites Again

especially love the mismatched chairs

iron bed frame has long been on my wish list

not a bit of white...
 I can picture a chair like this
in all sorts of neutrals
Wishing you a day full of dreamy ideas...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yard Work

 images from Pinterest

yesterday afternoon it was 80*
and breezy...
a great day to work in the yard

as always, I dream of flowers and prim displays

right now only a few flowers in the blooming

picture this
without the flowers
without the bike

you're in the jungle baby
there are 22 trees in the backyard...
a small barn
and lots of poison ivy
I made good progress around the barn yesterday
around few rounds
then put down cardboard and newspaper
cover with mulch...
that will take care of the invasive plants like
(which I hate...long story)
by next year I can plant again
or maybe I can sneak a few in this fall
and more lavender

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Oh Joy!

Mom and Ann
checking out the new fabric...
love at first sight

when she saw it
she wanted to order more!

just how many yards
did I buy

all the greens are her favorite

talking about Dad
driving us to quilt shops

each piece better than the last

she wants more of this one

deciding what to do with each piece
I left the fabric with her
so she could admire it and make plans
all these gorgeous Kim Diehl fabrics
work in so well with our stash
little does she know some new KD
fabric will be out soon...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Summer

just finished up a four day weekend
the extra days were for yard maintenance
rain and more rain kept me inside
cleaning out part of the parents bedroom
I do this a little at a time
another 2 pieces from that room
for ReStore
one locally made pine jelly cupboard
one reclining chair
(though Melrose will really miss the chair)
I'm still working on happy and fun
making progress pleases me
so I guess that counts!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

my father loved cats
he had many stories of the cats
he had growing up
stories of the neighborhood cats
he loved their independence
their intelligence
their companionship
just one of the many wonderful things about my Dad
oh lucky me
to have a wonderful man as my father
Mom and I smile
when we speak of Dad and their last cat
he was Dad's great buddy
once in a while now
she will say
"I'm going to tell your father we should get a cat"

Saturday, June 20, 2015


this morning
I woke up very early
the perfect time to weed and hand trim bushes
to everyone else
I was a frumpy middle aged woman
in grubby clothes
uncombed hair
in my mind
this was my setting...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Buddies

it's all about me talking to Melrose
I get the combination glare of disdain and disappointment
why I am not over there petting her
has only one thing on his mind...
he's absolutely starving
I must feed him now
Today I am cutting out some red, white and blue
star patches
Mom and I are sending them to a blogger
who is making Wounded Warrior quilts
she's excited about helping!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

More 4 Patch

above images from Pinterest
love the total scrappy quilt on the bed
using all ugly fabrics...
in my opinion

yesterday we set the blocks out
a few different ways

Mom says we need more orange, more dark blue
we are not going to use black
or many plaids or checks
out of our normal fabric comfort zone...
This morning I spent some time
outside trimming bushes
pulling weeds
listening to the birds
other than the death glare
coming from Olivia in the kitchen window
it was lovely