Saturday, March 31, 2007


what a goofball... he loves fresh grass and meets me at the door for a few blades...he's not allowed outside and this is a big treat for him!

Chester sits and waits when I'm outside for me to bring him the grass...he loves his footstoll, wool blanket and mat...I almost tossed the footstool out last year but it's so perfect for him...even if it's an ugly color...he plays on it and under it...sleeps on it unside down against the screen in the sun...hides behind the drapes when they are closed and it's his own secret spot...


Rosemary said...

aw, what a pretty kitty! Is he declawed? Is that why hes not allowed outside?

kelley said...

he's not declawed...just an indoor fella...tried a harness and leash on him but he does this fainting goat act so he's out of luck!