Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Linen thread and Nap Time

they just make me smile everyday...
it's always nap time when I leave for work

Do you hook on linen backing?
I know you probably already save the extra backing
from each rug
and take the long threads off for stitching...
but have you tried dyeing them in a walnut bath?
the linen takes the dye beautifully
and you have some great thread for prim stitching
or tying up little packages

an easy way to dye your linen
is to leave the cut off strip in one piece
and soak in your jar of dye mix in the fridge
leave it there for as long as you like...
I've done hours or days

when you remove it wear gloves...
then put it on an old cookie sheet to dry
in the sun or oven(no heat)
I do this with pipe cleaners too

if you have the tinsel type pipe cleaners
you can also rub with brown or black paint
when they are wet from dye
looks nice and grubby
even rub with spice mix... try it all to see what
works best for you...


Jacque said...

Hey Kelley...Look how comfy the kitties look! What a pair.

Good tip on the dyeing of threads.

Gayle said...

Kelley - You're a GENIUS! I'm gonna try this!