Thursday, October 18, 2007

This N That

the awesome crock lamp
from my sister

corner of the new table...
is not in a spot where I can take a pic
of the whole thing right now...
is much more tobacco brown in person

the ugly green cupboard...
love this color

they were not happy with me
being outside
until I brought them in blades of grass


primitivebettys said...

Love the new cupboard! Great color!!

kjquilts said...

I love the table and cupboard! The snow guy is too cute, just like your kittys! Your mother does wonderful work.

Jacque said...

Hey your new pieces! When I am outside, my dogs do the same thing...blades of grass do not placate them, though...ha! You'd think I was away from them forever, ya know? Your cats waiting for you are too cute.