Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Little Rascal

She is in to everything...
a year old this month
and no end of the "kitten" in sight...

~I have a few hooked pieces to share
as soon as I finish binding
and steaming them~

1 comment:

JoJo said...

Olivia is so darn cute but I understand that "little stinker" mentality at that age. My Biscuit turned a year old 10 days ago and he's sure doing his best to hang on to that kitten phase. He gets going and can turn the entire household upside down....making the other 5 cats hiss and growl in the process.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been hooking on, Kelley. You always do such great work.

How's Chester doing? Are there any signs yet that the new food is going to make a big difference with his problems?