Sunday, May 25, 2008

Star and Pennies Rug

Just finished the binding and wool strips on the back of this one...

these three latest pieces were fun to do in the same wool strips

running late so these three rugs will go up on eBay Tuesday
it takes me sooo long to list~

--- For the ladies in my challenge group ---

Look for the binding and wool strip
tutorial on our blog soon
star and pennies rug is the one I did step by step of...


Gayle said...

YUM! Kelley - These small rugs are so delightful! Your colors are so wonderful and drab - can't wait for your tutorial!

kim said...

Great color choices!!! I love your simple prim design and how your colors just seem to fit perfectly to make it look just old enough!! Would you consider teaching a class on how you choose colors/plan on your blog????