Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Looks Can Be Deceiving~

The mighty little hunter

Miss Olivia has the sweetest face...

but I'll bet if she got outside

the grinnies and birds would be in big trouble...

she is on constant window patrol
only stopping to harass Chester on the way

Chester loves the sun

and hanging out next to me...

only the best
wool blankets for my boy~

His looks are so deceiving...

you'd think I never brushed him

but I do at least twice a day

and he cleans all the time

he's just a rumpled looking sort of fella...

Don't this samples of dyed wool look nice this way?

Makes it so easy to decide which color to dye...

I have misplaced a few of the swatches

and will add them when I find them...

These all came with the dye recipe books when purchased

So worth every penny...

I am in the process

of making my own swatches

from the dye batches of other recipe book

and my own recipes...

I've been dyeing up a storm again this weekend...

more pumpkins, reds

antique browns and blacks, drabs

and dirty snow

The piles of cut wool are taking over

and it's



Jacque said...

Great idea with the swatches, Kelley! Mine are all in one place, but lots more hunting through them than your method, for sure! I am finishing a small hooked project and then it's on to a big rug (30x58 inches...gulp!). Can't wait to see what you come up with using all the wool you're dyeing!

JoJo said...

Good grief, Kelley, you're so organized!! I love the way you've mounted those swatches. But I think I'm in love with Miss Olivia. She's so cute (even in hunting mode) and Chester looks so relaxed as he snoozes. (I've got one of those too...a longhaired cat who always looks rumpled).

Kaye said...

Love the swatches and the way you
displayed them. So are you going
to do a dye book(with swatches)
and sell it. If so it will be well
received. HINT HINT.
Love the cats, i just took one to
the rescue place here, she is so
sweet but some one had shaved her
and she weighed in at 3lbs. the
cutest face you have ever seen, i
called about her today and she is
doing good and oh so loving. But
my two would never accept another
cat so couldn't keep her. You would
love her.