Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chester Too!

Chester on his bed...
well, it's my bed but I don't sleep on it
so often times no sheets
just a pile of quilts and clothes...
it's just a few feet away from the computer

He often walks
to the end of the bed
to demand petting or food

He and Livvie went mad
when I was outside weeding today
cool enough for windows to be open
and they were ready
for some long blades of grass
to chew...

Thanks for asking JoJo!
I don't mean to not share photos of him...
he's usually sleeping upstairs
during the day
after breakfast
and snacks one,
and three


Deirdre said...

So glad to see Chester, I'd been wondering what he has been up to!

JoJo said...

Thank you so much, Kelley, for putting up a picture of Chester. He's such a beautiful cat and I hope he's been feeling okay. I love to hear about the two of them playing. We've even had some cool weather (for Kansas in August) and I've had the windows open in the mornings. The cats sound like little semi's as they race through the house.

Whisker kisses and head rubs to both Chester and Olivia.