Sunday, August 17, 2008

Early Sunday

Olivia resting in "catland"

Chester had been on the orange hassock
but decided to try his luck
for a snack...

Emptying my huge wool scrap basket

and placing bundles

on an old wood clothes rack

just a bit of decluttering...

Chester denied a treat again

~He think EVERY time

I stand up is time for a snack~


Tammy said...

Kelley that is too funny I just put the old wood clothes dryer in the crop/studio to do the same thing last week!

Hope you didn't work/train too hard

LOVE that evil eye from Chester!

moosecraft said...

You're a brave person to say no to Chester... that look on his face looks like... "Wait until 4AM woman... I'll be playing bongos with the top of your head!"... LOL! Always great pics of the kitties! Wool strips look Awesome! Thanks for the idea of the clothes rack!

JoJo said...

Kelley, you take such wonderful pictures of Chester and Olivia. I don't normally feed my cats snacks but any time I sit down in the kitchen, at least 3 of them think the food bowl is going to magically appear....NOT! I'm trying to put Emme and Cinnamon on diets but it's hard because Snowy, Cricket, Joey and Biscuit aren't overweight.

I also have two cats with chronic health issues (Cinnamon has mega colon and needs meds put in his food and Cricket has feline stomatitis so he gets some canned food with organic powdered mushrooms in it). There are days when I feel I don't get much done except change out food bowls.