Saturday, August 9, 2008

~ ~ A Perfect Book ~ ~

just up picked two copies of this

at the local quilt shop today...

it is absolutely perfect


mere words cannot describe it...

applique and hooking

little bits of this and that

if you like what I like

you really need one!


Kaye said...

I just saw this book a couple of days ago at a friends and loved it.
Maggie is a great inspiration for almost all needlework. I am going to order one soon. Thought maybe i could get one at Sauder. Sure wish Maggie would do a workshop around here somewhere.

Gayle said...

Oh Kelley - I can't WAIT to get this one! Our hooking group meets at a quilt store, so I'm hoping they'll have it next time I'm there cuz they give us a 10% discount during the meeting - that will at least pay the sales tax! LOL

primitivebettys said...

I LOVE Maggie! I'm gonna have to find that book! Thanks for spreading the word!


Lori said...

Well then I must need one cause I like what you like!

Lori R

Jacque said...

Hey Kelley what do you need TWO of these books for??? {grin} I am taking a class with Maggie next sooo excited about it!

Kaye said...

You lucky girl. I would be excited too.
And Kelley as Jacque said WHY do you need two? just kidding.

Deirdre said...

I'm running off to get this book, thanks for the tip!!

WoolenSails said...

It looks like a great book and I will probably end up getting one too. Now I expect to see something new from the book, on your blog, soon;)


primitivebettys said...

I ordered my copy last night!!!

:) Betty

Lori said...

I ordered one today!

Lori R

nyafarmgirl said...

OOh I think I need one! I'm off to order one.