Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Few Close Ups

Olivia does love the treehouse...
epsecially the scratching post
been brushing her a lot
and she's extra shiny
she's hard to brush
since she squirms around all the time

Chester is up on a wool shelf

one I was trying to empty

but he pulled wool from another shelf on to it

and made a neat nest...


moosecraft said...

I'm just lovin' these pics! Olivia is super shiny... but I love that sinister grin on Chester! Kinda like "That'll teach ya' to move my wool!" LOL!

JoJo said...

Olivia's coat is so pretty and shiny.....she's certainly not your average tabby! It looks like she's got a lot of muted colors in her fur.

But the picture of Chester had me snickering. I swear, Kelley, he looks like he's grinning at the camera and has that "evil" glint in his eyes. It's almost like he's saying "Ha!! I'm always one step ahead of you!" What a beautiful boy!