Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cats and Patchwork

She was here first

Then Chester bumped her out...

Now he thinks maybe
up there looks better
the heavy duty screen
to replace the one
Miss Pippi took out
Sometimes they can even
stay on the footstool together

So many squirrels and birds
chipmunks and
neighbors to check out

I've been working on a runner
for my dining room table...

the center will be patchwork
with a narrow applique border
on each long side...

Since I work by hand
it's slow going
but that's how I enjoy piecing
and will do hand appliqued border

probably a wavy vine
with simple berries
maybe a little cat somewhere


moosecraft said...

Ahhhhh.. too cute! I see they play nice together on Sundays! ;-) Lovin' that table runner! Colors are warm and cozy... vine border would set it off nicely! Great stitchin' Kelley!

Jacque said...

WOW, Kelley...Olivia has gotten big! Not often one sees both in the same photo, so it's been difficult to tell.

LOVIN' your patchwork. sew all the individual pieces by hand???? I'm impressed!

Little more of the rusts in there and it'll go perfectly in my living room, please. {grin}

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful day for the kitties to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Love the runner, it is going to be beautiful.


JoJo said...

Love your runner, Kelley. It's so pretty and will be gorgeous when it's done. Also love the pictures of the kids. I so wanted to be one of my cats this weekend. It was warm and sunny.....and they were all stretched out on my bed taking a nap. What a great life they have!! There was even a squirrel on the ground under the birdfeeder to keep them entertained.

Hooked on Primitives said...

I LOVE the pic's of Chester and Olivia! TOO cute!! I see they don't wany to miss anything!! LOL! The prim decor is super too!! Take Care! Cathy