Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Nice Fall Morning

enjoying the fresh air together...

they look about the same size
but Chester is much bigger
than Olivia

one of these days
I'll get a pic of her
doing her grizzly bear
Chester is not impressed


JoJo said...

Kelley, your babies are so beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice to have their lives and spend your days laying in the sun or watching the birds fly by? It's cold here so my cats are burrowed into the blanket on my bed, trying to share body heat. Just a pile of purring kitties.

Betweens said...

my mother has the same kinda door where her furbabies can look out and enjoy.. I am in a basement and I have a "cat tree" that leads to all the windows in every room so that my kitties (4) can also the scurying of the fall animals getting read for winter.. they are so entertained!!