Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Morning Catnip

A work in progress

for those in the know
this is the piece
I was working on
when I broke my last threader

Chester is totally back

to being my best buddy lately...
he finally realized he's the big guy
and can just muscle Olivia
out of his way

no snack

but lots of catnip this morning

just missed getting

a good shot of Olivia
peaking her head out of the
hole and batting Chester

the old guy is worn out

Chester has her favorite toy

just out of view

little miss thing
is totally put out
by Chester hogging the tree house


packages this week going
out to
Debbie St G
and a few


WoolenSails said...

I love the cat punch, did you make that one up?
Kitties at play, fun to watch, but mine seem to wait until I hit the bed. Then from the noise and screaming cats flying through the house, I hate to see what I will wake up to;)


Jacque said...

Love your always. Same goes for the cat photos...I take such delight in seeing them! And, then don't feel so badly about posting dog photos on my blog...hahaha.

Lori said...

Love,love,love your cat needle punch and the pics of the kids.
Lori R

Joanne said...

Love your cat punch rug - Chester really looks like he oozed into that cat tree - oh so comfy with those sunbeams - Olivia is too cute - she looks like she's planning sumpthin!


JoJo said...

I love the pictures of the furry kids, Kelley. You manage to catch such great poses. And your cat punched rug is adorable.