Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Santa Swap

I had so much fun

stitching these for Chris...
my Secret Santa recipient

OOAK punch needle ornie
hand pieced and quilted mat
Spicy Gingerman
(Kentucky Primitives pattern)

Scrap Penny Mat

...used some of my favorite
old Army blankets...

For myself I seldom
make and keep much
it's much more fun to create
and send my work
in to the world


I have tons of goodies to take pics of...
my mailman is probably
worn out
thanks to my dear friends

1 comment:

Jacque said...

Hey Kelley...I absolutely adore your works. NICE!!! Anytime you have something extra...well, you know where I live. Okay, just kidding...really not being greedy...especially after the packages I got in the mail today. Check out my blog tomorrow to see!!! Happy dancing here, for sure! Besides, I have a sheepie mat you gave me...which I love!!!

Merry Christmas!