Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice & Snow


ready for chicken or playing

It's a mess outside today
ice then snow
and more snow
so the cats are napping

Or they were
I got the chicken in to the oven


What a rumpled mess~

you'd never guess
how often he gets brushed

You know the belly only gets
a stroke or two before he's off
and running

This heater vent is right above
the furnace
and as soon as it gets
extra cold outside
this where I find him...


WoolenSails said...

You know, Chester and Izzy have a lot of the same markings, even though she is black. Is he looking for love? LOL


jan said...

Kelley, I so enjoy your "kids" pictures. I check your blog every day looking for them. What lucky kitties they are.

JoJo said...

Love the pictures of the kids, Kelley. My oldest cat is Cinnamon, a sealpoint Siamese. Siamese have no undercoat, so they're always cold unless it's the middle of summer. Well, the moment the heat comes on and the blower starts blowing that warm air up, Cinnamon sits on the heat vent. So what if we're cold??? He's warm and toasty. And in his world, that's all that counts.

Annemiek said...

Hi Kelley, I found your weblog through the Stacy Nash group and just had to drop a note. Your Olivia looks so much like my Miss Murphy, they could be twins. Right to the expression in her eyes.

Give her a cuddle from me.