Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chester's Sun Bath

a very rumpled boy

he's been rolling around
on the wool
getting the sun on every spot

grooming is so important

for a shiny white coat

why is she here

Oh the cats!
Yesterday Olivia hogged
the bench in the sun
so today it's
his turn



All the designs
shown on yesterday's post
are mine...
usually just stretch a piece of
weaver's cloth over the frame
and draw something on there

once in a while I
doodle it on paper first

Am thinking about a new booklet
of cat and pumpkin designs
but they all look the same to me
The pumpkin with acorn
graphic in the left column
is a freebie from:


Mary said...

You can count me in if you do a new booklet. I could never have enough of your kitties and pumpkins...kind of like wool! Speaking of kitties, Chester looks happy and healthy!!!!

JoJo said...

There's that beautiful boy! I sure wish (at times) that I could have their lives....eating, sleeping and grooming. Uhmmmm, to be able to lay in the sun and snooze!

Linda said...


I have only recently found your blog, and immediately fell in love with your kitty pictures with cute captions! Today I looked at some of your older posts and was wondering if your design booklets are still available. Your cat designs are so perfectly primitive! I would love to buy your booklets, if they are for sale. Thank you! I love your blog.

Jacque. said...

Lovin Chester. Yeah, and that Olivia is quite the doofus. haha