Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lucky Me X 3

A few weeks ago

I received this fabulous
wool strip holder from Jo
(eBay: cottoneyedjo)...

Also inside

I found this little
x-stitched stocking!

The package also included
a neat wool sleeve
and other pieces of wool...
the purple pieces
will be great
for stuffing pinkeeps!

~I admit it
purple wool
is not my favorite~

A mystery package arrived on

and inside was
this wonderful
hooked rug

(eBay: mysticalprimitives)
used one of my designs
and it
goes perfectly
with my pumpkin
and cat
hooked rug collection

Chester loves to rub his chin

on table legs

he can stay under there for ages
wriggling back and forth

only pausing to look up
if I head for the kitchen

"I was not scratching this new towel"

Mom made this for me
over the weekend...
I love the spotted
black cat

Checking the perfect
little stitches on the
new tea towel


Joanne said...

Well of course she has to inspect the stitches of the towel! I love that towel too - what a great gift!
Chester looks so darn content with that leg! Too cute

WoolenSails said...

Nice goodies and some of your favorite subjects.
I need to try some towels too, good idea for holiday ones.


Anonymous said...

oh kelley what beautiful gifts to you and sweet chester making sure that everything was just right :) I love your mom's spotted cat too. What a great weekend for you :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

The little bird is a February design from the new Black-bird Designs stockings for each month. The stitching was finished in March, and the stocking in July or was it August! You aren't the only one who gets to the post office a bit late. ;)

Glad you liked your strip holder and stocking...

The new towel is cute as can be,your mom has a great eye for fabric! Chris did a fabulous job on the rug too. Too bad she didn't put on a purple border. ;)