Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cats and Rugs

At least she

hasn't started eating the rugs

Miss Olivia
must think she's a goat
climbing everywhere
and trying to eat
whatever she sees...food or not

Chester has taken over
the comfy chair
only picking his head up
to watch Livvie sprint past

or beg for a snack

Over the weekend I finished up a few
UFO rugs
that only needed
binding or wool strips
still 4 more rugs
to go

Hoping by then
I'll feel like starting a new one


WoolenSails said...

Both my girls eat everything they find on the floor, so I have to be careful. Dora likes to chew on things, my rug hook while I am hooking, the corners of bureaus, wondering if she has a bad tooth.


primitivebettys said...

My Sarah girl doesn't eat everything... but does beg constantly when she sees one of us in the kitchen. Her favorite thing... getting an ice cube in her water dish! :)



Joanne said...

Jonesy and Riley are like Dora and Olivia I think loves to chew on things - my first cats that like to chew on wood - go figure - Maybe they are part doggies as they fetch too! Anyway - II just love that pic of Chester - I just want to give him a squeeze! Olivia looks like she's ready to pounce on something! Maybe Mom relaxing on the couch? LOL

Carlie said...

What sweet cats...isn't it great how they have their own personalities? My two cats are always around to help me in my sewing room. Love your blog...

JoJo said...

Such wonderful pictures of the 'kids.' I wish I were as quick with the camera as you are.

disa said...