Saturday, September 5, 2009

Olivia Was Here

Not true color

of wool
but you get the idea

Another piece

that is pretty in person
aside from the nibbles
and drool

You would think

I never feed her...
the way she seems to
eat every piece of wool she sees...

These are just three
from the dozens she's sampled

So why is Chester the one
with obstruction problems?

Nicely folded on the shelves
or tucked in a basket
I pull a piece out
in the corner fold
we have little nibbles...

or big nibbles
as the case may be

I've been rounding up my wool
and trying to
"Olivia proof" it...

cutting pennies from the
areas too short for hooking strips

Tomorrow I'll share some pennies
they hold no appeal
for my pippi girl


WoolenSails said...

I agree, that is a strange habit, lol.
Mine eat anything that isn't attached to the floor and no way can I leave worms or threads lying around.


katie said...

WOW I never knew a cat would eat wool.
I knew of one who would eat plastic bags.
Hope they have no ill effects from it.


Christine said...

Oh my, Kelley! She's a hungry one! lol

Joanne said...

Oh Olivia! wonder if there is anything - maybe lavender water? or something that you can spray on it as most kitties don't like strong scents - something that won't hurt the wool or "hold" the smell?

Ter'e said...

You may remember my Lucy Poosey eating a wool strip ---- wool in - no wool out. We almost lost Lucy over that one. Took surgery, weeks of recovery and force feeding. I hope your dear Olivia has no ill effects from it.
Rustle Chester's ears for me - his is still one of my favorite kitties.