Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~ Gifts Galore ~

Out of the blue
Jacque sent me this
perfect little quilt

I love words and letters
simple patchwork
and the colors!

Thank you again

for making me this
wonderful little quilt

It is most treasured


This batch of goodies

is from Kimmie
she had my name in our
My Sweet Friend Swap

the rules were simple...
no purchasing anything
only make-do allowed
something homemade
and other goodies
you wanted to pass along
from your stash


the little punched piece is perfect
it will adorn one of my
favorite dolls
her amazing wax stars
and pantry cake
the scent is wonderful

a box full of special treats...

A birthday box

talk about knocking

me over with a feather

Debbie had warned me the
packing box was large...

were a few small gifts
a perfect x stitch pinkeep
some sweet towels
thread I've never tried...

A Noah's Ark Quilt

Debbie says it's a little
Janet Bolton
Jan Patek
and her

I say it's awesome!

the whale weather vane
and cats on the roof
perfect touches
on a very
special quilt

this cradle
made by her dh Bill
and Debbie

I saw one on eBay I loved
and it was out of my price range...
so they went to work
creating me an even better one

can you believe it???
I know
lucky me

Olivia was very interested

in checking out
the pillow and cushion
completing her full
inspection of the cradle...

many thanks again Debbie
you know how I love these treasures


Lori said...

WOW, such wonderful treasures made with loving hands by all! I'm so glad you are having a very special birthday week!!

Jacque. said...

Hey Kelley Girl! First of all, since it is your 'fault' that I am now addicted to quilting, I figured you should, perhaps, benefit from that addiction, don't you think? That little quilt was just so you the entire time I made it. So glad you like it.

Secondly. WOW. WOW. Oh.My.Gosh...WOW! I am in awe...the swap with Kimmie - what a wonderful box of gifts. The birthday gifts from Debbie. WOW! And, ohmygosh...the whale weathervane...cracks me up! So fitting. Perfect! Debbie did an awesome job on this!

So, when is your birthday?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kelley ~
What great treasures! How lucky to have such special friends.
Happy, happy birthday to you.
Pug hugs :)

primitivebettys said...

WOW! That is so right! WOW! You have received some truly AWESOME gifts! You deserve each and every one too!


Joanne said...

Okay - no new words here - WOW-O-WOW - Blown away by your treasures - Kimme - Jacque - and Debbie are awesome! How wonderful for you to have such great friends and how wonderful for them to have you for a friend! Enjoy your day! Okay - how long did it take for Olivia to take a nap in the cradle?

ihook2 said...

Fabulous---gifts from your sweet friends to a sweet person. Glad this birthday week is so special for you. Happy Birthday early--

woolyrover said...

Isn't is great to have such friends, have a happy birthday.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Clunk! That was the sound of my jaw dropping onto the keyboard. Any one of the boxes would set most hearts dancing! :) The Moses quilt is soooo wonderful, my favorite part is the pair of kats who have perched under the whale! Debbie does such amazing work!

I was wondering, like Joanne, if Olivia has taken a nap, or is waiting until you have to go to work.

All very sweet...

Jacque and Kimmie surely showed their love too.

You deserve every bit of this and more!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

My goodness!! What beautiful gifts! For as much as you love your treasures, it sure shows how much YOU are loved.....

Sheila said...

Wow !!!!! What great gifts!!!
Thanks for sharing your treasures. I especially love your Noah's Arc piece.
Happy birthday!