Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New from Cheri

NEW! Folkart Gathering 27" x 28"

Block 1 of a work in progress.
Sew the quilt together with me block by block.

aka Wednesdays Best Quilt Patterns

~Had to Have It~

I do have some finishes
to show
once they arrive at their new homes...

will be listing some
excess Cushing Dye packets
and a few
other goodies
in my etsy store tomorrow

then more destash
as time allows...


Cabin Creek Farm ♥ said...

Oh Keli how I envy all you quilters. What a beautiful piece!!! ♥

Myglorystars said...

Ooh Kelley, I love that, I want to make one!!! I will have to order that pattern. Thanks for sharing.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

wonderful! Why am I thinking of giving up quilting? May have to rethink that bee in my bonnet. :)

will be checking out the wednesdays best...arrrgh...lol