Saturday, March 13, 2010

Under the Weather

Starting with a cold
ending with


plus all points in between

the past 2 weeks have been misery

Besides all the coughing

up a lung or two

I haven't been up to

stitching or hooking the whole time

I know...

sick is one thing

idle hands

takes it to a whole

different level

Finally today I'll be

picking up my hook or needle

still can't decide...

Here are a few

book and pattern purchases

made this year

that kept me planning

the next project

Can you guess which one

is going to be used first?

we have a new baby in the family

and there is a

Monkey Business quilt

in here that has

his name all over it!

Another great Cheri pattern


Stacy Nash

her latest booklet

Love Letters


moosecraft said...

Glad your feeling well enough to get out the hook and needle! I also have all those patterns except for the baby quilt book! I'll race you to the finish line on Betty's "Live, Love, Laugh"!!!!!! Ready, set, GO! LOL! ;-)

Brenis said...

Hey Kell, I think this nasty upper respitory thing that has been going around includes conjunctivitus!! Two of my kids, and two neighbors all had it and ended up with pink eye too! Talk about some crud! Hope you are finally feeling better my friend!!
As to which to start... oh dear... such hard decisions!!! I want to see the inside of that book!! Both of them!! LOL!!
But that little applique quilt is darling, and that remember me pillow is just precious... i think i would be starting BOTH of those like RIGHT NOW! LOL

primitivebettys said...

Kelley, I do hope you start feeling better soon. Being sick is really no fun at all! Get better & start stitchin'! :)



Joanne said...

Hmm knowing you - you'll start them ALL today! Feel better!