Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~Melly ~

Melly has been a delight

so far
he's very loving
and gentle

brushing him is easy

he is so handsome in person

the photos all look wrong

the parts that look brown
are really gray

not much hissing from
Olivia today
but she has spent
a lot of time
on my lap

hoping by this weekend
they'll be friends!

there will be hooked rug photos...


Brenis said...

Whatta sweetheart! Warning: as if you dont already know... LOL... BLACK cat hair is a different beast than any other color cat! Just wait :) I have a pale yellow couch, and lots of neutral colored things in my home - they turn pitch black when Pounce sleeps on them. Looks like someone coated the furniture with coal! Thank God for vacuums and tape rollers! (i buy these in bulk at sams club! lol) :D

moosecraft said...

He is very handsome! Almost looks like he's gonna start talking! ;-)

WoolenSails said...

I have black, white and yellow hairs, so it doesn't matter what I have in the house, lol. Love how he has bottom whiskers.


patijane said...

Kelley, Melrose is such a handsome cat and he poses very well for the camera. I really like his eyes. You found a match for you and Olivia.

ihook2 said...

Melrose looks like he's settled in and happy.

debra said...

Oh, I am so happy you have found a new friend! I have two black cats and they are both so handsome and very hard to photograph. I'm sure Melly and Olivia will be best friends soon.

Lori said...

I'm so happy that Melrose found you!!!!
I can tell he is a very olde soul in new cat-pyjama's...
how handsome he is...just look into those eyes...they're all-knowing!
don't let the lovey-snuggly act fool ya, Olivia is smitten!!

so happy for you, all!

Lori said...

Awwww, Melrose is such a pretty boy. I'm so glad he is happy at your house. How could he not be?!

Jacque. said...

again...handsome dude!

Anonymous said...

oh Kelley what a sweet and handsome fella!! So happy you guys found each other.

Joanne said...

Oh Kelley - I'm so happy for you and Olivia - Looks like a perfect fit too me - I think he's very handsome and his eyes are gorgeous - I bet he and Olivia will be having many adventures - He looks so full of life and his eyes look filled with love knowing he has found his forever home!

Ter'e said...

When I checked in and saw your new "Melly" I was just thrilled for you and Olivia. He is simply a gorgeous coats and gold eyes are my favorite. He looks so "at home" with you!!!! Congratulations to all of you. (esp Olivia)
xoxoxox Lucy Poosey and Ter'e