Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Petsmart Visit...

Guess who

went to Petsmart
for toys, treat and food
for Olivia
and came home with
a sweet & fluffy

He's about a year old
medium hair
mostly black
with some dark grey

no photo yet
as he is busy exploring
the house

His name?
it was Furby


on the way
we decided
he is a
(one of my favorite characters
in the Richard Jury
Martha Grimes)


moosecraft said...

Waiting for pics of the sweetie!

Lori said...

I'm so glad for you and Olivia! Can't wait to see pics of your boy. What do he and Olivia think of each other?

Farm Field Primitives said...

Oh, hurry and post pics...can't wait to see him. Hope Olivia doesn't want to return him!!

my3Kitties said...

where's a picture?????

Jacque. said...

And, how does Miss Olivia feel about Melrose??? Good for you, Kelley...glad you did this.