Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning Curve

a new (to me) camera
has me at the
beginning of the
learning curve

this lovely little pumpkin gal
is from Betty...
she had my name in
our AAPG anniversary swap

there is more to show
when I get better at the camera

Dad is doing much better
but still not
walking so great...
I finally got him outside
in the wheelchair yesterday

first time out in 2 years

I'm on vacation this week
my to-do list
is as long as my arm
starting with
weeding and mulching

with plenty of breaks
for hooking
and stitching


Joanne said...

Don't feel too bad kelley - I have had my camera for three years and still can't take a great pic - it's not the camera - it's me!

Love your doll from Betty - you lucky gal!

moosecraft said...

LOVE that doll that Betty made for you! Gorgeous!
Good to hear your Dad is getting better... some sunshine and fresh air will work wonders on his spirit!
Enjoy your week off... looking forward to seeing what you stitch up! :-)

Myglorystars said...

Love your doll, she is sweet, enjoy your vacation, glad to hear your dad is doing better!!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Betty did a Super job with the doll, Lucky you!! So happy to hear your Dad is doing better Kelley, and how awesome you have had the time to spend with him. Can't wait to see what you accomplish during your week off. Enjoy every minute!!

WoolenSails said...

Love the pumpkin doll.
Glad to see your dad getting out again.
Not sure what you did, but that is what I get when I use low contrast to dull down a picture, so see if you have a contrast setting?


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Lucky you, the pumpkin doll is wonderful! I especially love the black cat peeking out of her pocket. Glad you are having some time to take vacation...