Friday, April 15, 2011

A Little Less Stuff

Every day I find more things

to declutter around here...

these 3 snowmen

are heading to the

Angels for Animals Garage Sale

they start accepting donations

April 24 and my car will be loaded!

along with a few boxes of fabric

more snowmen and Christmas decorations

Melrose was a rescue kitty

from Angels for Animals

so he thinks donating is a great idea


LibbiesHome said...

I love when I lighten the load at my house, too! Sounds like a great cause to donate to. :)

Loris said...

I agree with Melrose :-)
The snowmen are very cute and should bring in some good donations for food and shelter costs. Makes us all feed good!
All my fur creatures are rescues and they have done a great job of rescueing us.

Jacque. said...

Glad you're continuing your decluttering. I think I may have to give up on that sister who just moved in with me has sooooo much stuff! {sigh}

Doris said...

I'm sure they'll be glad to get your donations. So glad you rescued Melrose, he's a lucky guy.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Melrose, has grown into quite the gorgeous gent! What a wonder reminder of the good work the Angels for Animals do. The snowmen are sure to bring good donations...

Kind hearts do love cats and snowmen and bee skeps and well so many other things. :)