Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Temporary Obsession

One more season to watch
then normal blogging may return...


Carol Stuck said...

OM gosh!!! A woman after my own heart. I need to rent the whole series. We had showtime for a while and I enjoyed the series each week. Then was gone and so was my favorite night in front of the tv.


Robin said...

hubby and I started watching last year, and had it On Demand, so we watched every episode to catch us up....when is it starting up again ??
i got hooked on it !!!

jody said...

i love all your projects and kitties! havent seen " dexter" yet but probley would be obsessed too! enjoy your evening!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Kelley ~
I LOVE Dexter!!! (And I usually do not like that kind of stuff!)
Hugs :)

Dorothy said...

You can have Dexter, I'm more interested in your header quilt. Can you tell if you designed it? is there a pattern? It's gorgeous.

woollylottrugs said...

Never heard of Dexter.LOL...,not a big tv person. Love your new header, did you make that????


jackiero said...

We are Dexter fan's! The actor who plays him is great in every thing he's "Six Feet Under", wonderful!!!

CharRube said...

My husband and I got hooked on "Dexter" but we don't get Showtime. They had one season on another channel and I was obsessed !! I usually dislike shows like this but Michael C. Hall (isn't that his name?) is fab!!! I need to just buy all the seasons! Will it be back? The new show "Scandel" had an episode on Thursday that I said had a very "Dexter" feel to it.