Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bonus Reproduction Pattern

This was another possible repro rug
for the 3rd quarter
I'm not really a chicken person
(except for Chik Fil A)
so I gave it a pass...

 I did some practice editing
at Foto Flex
first I turn it into a sketch
then fade

Next some more advance editing
to smooth the design
as you can see...
I'm interested in getting the basic layout
to transfer to rug backing
the details 
can be done as you hook

~  ~ ~ ~ ~
Hope you enjoy this bonus pattern

I know you know this
but still...
while any photo can be edited this way
please do not
copy patterns of current designers
respect their rights
and support their businesses...
we need them to keep creating!!!


rx2massey said...

I love the chicken rug! One might replace the chic with crows or another bird of their choice...I'm not big on chickens either...thank you!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I think crows instead of chickens would be great! Also, I have a wool repro of your header but it says "Best Friends". I've wanted to hook it for some time now.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow....I find the process fascinating - I'm not a big chicken person either, although one of my first hooked rugs was a chicken rug. (Maybe that's why I'm not much into them....) ;o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

NMK said...

I have always Loved the pattern you have in your header ,Old Friends, you know a place or do you offer the nice old pattern ???