Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'll pass on this book
but if anyone else needs it
I can supply the cat hair

cracks me up seeing
cats in boxes
mine aren't much interested
besides a sniff session

the wife of a coworker sell thirty-one
he caught me in a weak moment
so I bought 2 large totes
(same as on the shelves...lotsa dots)

stuff : I still have too much
ever feel like yours is weighing you down?
the less I have - the less I want

reminder to self...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not much creative going on here
the heat has taken away my will...
at least my house is
cleaner and more organized then ever before
why I've even mended some clothes
I know, right
heatstroke for sure!


moosecraft said...

Ack! I "need" those polka dot totes! They are just the right size for holding BOM's and other quilty projects! My stitchy stuff never weighs me down... it makes me smile! :-)

ihook2 said...

Hey Kelley-You will love those totes. Have a couple of them myself, as a matter of fact that's what I packed our stuff in to come to MA. They will hold so much stuff.

Orange Sink said...

You can never have too many things for storage I guess. I have been in the same mode Kelley... not wanting more stuff ( except for wool of course LOL!)
Hope the heat gives us a break soon! It's wearing on everybody including little fur people!
Cathy G

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I love Thirty-One and sell it too! Those totes are awesome. I use one for my ooking stuff when I leave the house. I think I'll pass on that book too. I have to draw the line somewhere. Ick.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Kelley,
I can certainly help you with cat hair, hehehe. I have actually stuffed pincushions with clean poodle fur, it is actually wool, like sheep.