Friday, August 31, 2012

One Bad Cat

Olivia ~ Pippi ~ Little Missy Poo Poo

okay, so she's not really bad
i'ts just that yesterday
she took a piece of dental floss
from the trash and ate it
while being chased by me
and Melrose

so now she's being watched carefully
for signs of distress
passing the floss without an issue

You'd think with all the 
floss, thread and yarn around here
she would have shown an interest before...

my silly girl

not the best photo
but you get the idea

these are 2 x 4 patches set side by side
I am thinking of making the blocks
6 patches each side 
then sashing with some red


using them to make sashing for patches
with applique

Drinking Heavily

I've been sick since Sunday night
and finally have the Dr's release
to go back to work tonight...

to stay hydrated I drink and drink
mostly water and 
 Powerade Zero 

over the past few days I've learned
to never be without Powerade Zero 
in the house and to hurry up and get cable back!

I unplugged the TV in February 
which was fine until this week...
though I had plenty of audio books from the library
I could have used some 
HGTV or Dexter

cable will be restored a week from today

not that I'm planning on being sick again
but who wants to take chances?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cleaning continues in the sewing room
yesterday I filled a big bag with books for the library
went through all my magazines and removed a few pages 
packed the rest to recycle
found a Baptist Fan stencil for hand quilting 
* I knew it was here somewhere
added goodies to boxes I'm preparing for friends
tossed a bunch of old patterns
have I made a dent?
I wish!


WoolenSails said...

I wish I had your energy, I need to clean and organized, but the minute I think about it, I give up, lol. I know my kitties eat things, hasn't hurt them so far;) Moki is still into chenille candy canes, seems to find them even though they are packed in a box, he must have a hidden stash.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....poor Olivia....hope it "passes" without incident. :o Yikes, for being sick, sounds like you got lots done. Great patchwork...the idea of red sashing really intrigues me. Then, again, I have a thing for red. Hope you're back to 100% soon! Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

"there are no bad cats...there are only good cats who do bad things"...why the hell am I putting that in quotation? I do not think ANYone has ever uttered those words before. ~ all I know is I have 2 good cats that do really STUPID things...eating dental floss is by far an amateur thing to do ~ why floss when you can eat an entire spool of upholstery thread? (yep...true story) ~ the outcome? I "waited" for 4 days,....until finally, light was shed upon the outcome....under an end-table in our keeping room...result? 2 trips to the vet, a sore tummy & a 1200.00 vet bill for x-rays...moral of this story? KEEP YOUR SEWING STUFF (or, for that matter, everything you own) out of the reach of our GOOD cats!!!!!
taught me a lesson, and kitty too!

love the blocks, glad you're doing something kelleygirl!

Anonymous said...

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