Monday, October 1, 2012

Chipmunk Breath

today Olivia came in from the garage
a little after noon
I glanced at her and didn't notice
the chipmunk in her mouth 
as she came through the door...

two minutes later
she was in the living room
with it hanging in her mouth
when I noticed...
then she dropped it
and it ran...

for the next two hours she and Melrose
chased it around the living room
I tried to catch it too
 gave up...
took a shower
changed for work
wished them luck
 left for work

arriving home from work
I hoped to find a dead chipmunk
or part of one...

good kitties
someone left me 3/4 of a chipmunk 
on the living room floor...
probably Olivia
Miss Chipmunk Breath 2012

Melrose is more the 
catch and release sort of guy


Ter'e said...

Hahaha hilarious story!!!!! Chipmonk breath. Never had that with one of my girls. You are such a brave sort. I am giggling here, like a little girl!!!!!! I don't know that I could have left the house. heeheeheehee. Darling story. Will never see a chipmonk that I don't want to exhale.........

Charley got a baby sister. She is not a kitty - but a little doggie. A 3 lb bichon/shih tzu! Named Lady Blu. One blue eye and one brown. Good decision. Charley is having a ball and Lil Blu loves him. Good match. Guess I will be a doggie girl for a few years and let you be the kitty girl! :-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Olivia!! Now how lady-like is that?! ;o) Better chipmunks me thinks than snakes....Ummm, of my cats loved to bring in snakes...and she was the "catch and release" sort. :o( Robin

Heather Wise said...

Awwwww... A chunked-up chippy. So sad. And you went and put a cute picture of one too. Awwww...

Yeah. A snake would have been really bad...