Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Day

image from Pinterest

Yep, I am this tired

another long day with the folks
back and forth
lucky for me their home and Dad's rehab place are close

Mom has the stomach flu 
Dad does better if we spend time with him...
just so you know
turns out I'm not weak as water
(anyone ever watch Are You Being Served?)

right now I'm ready to hit the couch
then call the cats
nap time or bed time


WoolenSails said...

It always seems everything happens at once, I hope your mom feels better soon and that you can get some much needed rest and me time.


annie said...

Get some rest as you can.
Have a very Happy Easter!

Prairie Moon Primitives said...

Sorry to hear about your mom sure hope she is feeling better soon. Hoping your dad is well enough to come home soon, too!
Hang in there your tougher than you think!
Happy Easter

jody said...

ohhh your kitty looks like i feel too! i hope your mum is better soon and also your dad, so hard my parents were both sick most of Feb. i think we are all way ready for spring sun and heat! enjoy your evening and hope you are taking time!