Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scrappy Favs

 I always gravitate towards the scrappy quilts
even my hooking 
tends to be with a wide assortment of wools

this quilt even I could whip up
on the machine

I see this with lots of green/olive
in place of the blue
but keep the red!

I like seeing the close up shots
fun to check out the fabrics


all photos from Pinterest

it's going to be sunny and warm here today!

Dad's room gets the morning sun 
his bed is the one next to the window
so he gets all the heat
and loves it

as for me...
I can nap when he does
if only I could bring in a cat to visit him


Jacque. said...

Hey Kelley those quilts. I, too, love the look of scrappy, though it's not what I do with my quilts. I wonder why? Best wishes and prayers continue for your folks.

Sue at The Boar's Breath Ranch said...

Ask them about bringing in a cat. It is proven that pet theray is very good for patients morale and in turn their overall physical health. I too love the prim look.

The Evening Stitcher said...

So glad that your dad is settling in..a window seat? What could be better for him! I love the quilts..the scrappy ones are my favorite too...that's how my granny used to make them! Take care..

Kim said...

I love told scrappy quilts too. The new "art" quilts are beautiful too but don't seem to hold the same charm

WoolenSails said...

I was thinking the same thing, the stores have simple ones like that and I can make one just as easy. For my bed I need something that works and cat proof, so don't like to make anything fancy.

I hope you have wonderful day today and your mom and dad are feeling better.


patijane's primitives said...

Scrappy quilts are my favorite too! You always find great ones to look at. The sun always seems to raise our spirits and so comforting to feel its warmth. Check with the staff about the cat. My Mom was able to bring Katie(dog)to visit my aunt at the nursing home. She loved it and even the staff loved it. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings...patijane

Mr Puddy said...

You can hire Me and take ME ( Cat ) to visit your dad !!!
( Payment : a cup of treats )
( No PayPal but PayMouth )
Deal ?
Mom will kill me if she know this !...tee..heh

annie said...

nothing like the sunshine to ease a troubled time, hugs to him and you. love all the scrappys!

John Gray said...

I would KILL for that ed and bedspread

John Gray said...