Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paperwork Sunday

before the move
I had a handle on the paperwork
for two households
 the month it took to move
everything went to h#ll

this helps a little
the shredder is getting a workout 
this weekend
too bad can't me where
things I need are...
you know
the ones I put away safely
so I wouldn't lose them

today Mom and I visited Dad
found some dry erase calendars
at Office Max
where Mom stole the show
by testing the office chairs while I shopped
then to the grocery store
where Mom people watched
from a comfy chair

her legs are getting tired from shopping
no place exciting
just errands
much preferred to sitting at home

things have settled down
quite a bit

thanks as always
for your prayers and good wishes


WoolenSails said...

I am happy to hear you had a better day today and a nice visit with your dad. Always love the toppers you find, they always make me smile.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh dear Kelley....I've been so long gone (for icky reasons of my own), and just did some "catch-up" reading here. Oh my.... My heart aches for you.... Please know I'll be saying lots of extra prayers for you and your folks....sorta "make-up" for when I wasn't here for you. :-( If the "parent issues" were traumatic enough, add on a move and you'd have pushed me off the deep end.... We have been struggling with "mom" issues here as well...We transitioned her (HA!) to an assisted living facility around Christmas time....Let's just say it's not going well. Every day or so we get a call that she has packed everything up and is ready to go "home." Then, every visit, we need to explain that, yes, indeed, her "ma and pa" have passed... :-( Add in some dysfunctional family dynamics with the siblings and well, some health issues, etc. and maybe you understand why I disappeared for a while. But know I'm thinking of you - and doing double duty on the prayer chain. Hugs my friend....Robin

Jacque. said...

Hanging in there with you. In thought, anyway. xo

annie said...

hugs and prayers.

been there, and it is never easy.

cute kitties in every photo. I hate paper work too!

Miccosukee said...

Glad you had a better day, although I wish it could be ever so much better.
I understand about paperwork. My oldest brother died in February and I am dealing with his estate. I think he saved every paper he received, but can't always find the ones I need.
The worst is dealing with the IRS over a tax lien. Glad for good lawyers.
I look forward to your blog as I enjoy seeng the photos of cats ruling the world. Thank you.
In my prayers daily.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Kelley,
I love the picture on your header. I had a golden retriever once and she lived to 16, which I understand is quite old for a retriever. I read your blog about your tribulations with your parents, and my best wishes are with you always.


Dixie said...

Hope things are taking a turn for the better. I think of you often, and send positive thoughts your way. Dixie