Friday, June 14, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

the cats say it's no party
moving to a new house

no matter how accommodating



Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Lol, just one of those times when their life and yours could be easier, if you could just sit and have a heart to heart talk with them. THEY say that adult dogs and kats have the functional vocabulary of a two year old. THEY also adjust to change just about as well. But in a week or so, all will be right with their world again, imagine their delight at discovering both familiar and unfamiliar objects.

Of course, even if they could talk, they wouldn't try to ease your concerns. Staff should always be scrambling a bit harder to please them, but they also will purr just as often as before, because they do enjoy being rubbed in their favorite places. :)

Your humorous approach to your life, continues to inspire me! Even if it is window dressing, you do it with style!

Brenis said...

Love you Kelley Bell!! {{{{{{{{{{xo}}}}}}}}}