Saturday, August 24, 2013


Mom was moved
to the hospital at Greenbriar
Wednesday night
her therapy started the next morning
wonderful combination
of physical and occupational
for hip
plus memory therapy for her dementia
she's a real pip
when her anxiety meds wear off!
it's prescribed 2 pills daily as needed
but they insist
on giving them 12 hours apart
not god
we are working on
getting the Dr to fix his orders...
Dad's surgery went well
he has much better
blood flow to both feet now
it lasted about 7 hours
so the anesthesia has taken it's toll
he's feeling good
just some brain fog
that we pray will clear up over time
he's been in the ICU
since his surgery
and getting wonderful care...
he's at the hospital where I work
last night he was allowed
his first solid foods...
cereal, milk and ice cream his choice
am glad he forgot potato chips
love this!
I've been able to get some real rest this week
either at hospital or home
taking advantage of Mom
being out of the house
tossing out
 she'll never miss
as fast as I can
trying to catch up some places
get ahead in others
in between visits with them
am on the road
between the two hospitals and home all day
with my books on tape in the car
the cats
slept on top of me last night
a festival of purrs
your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated
now if there was
only someone to clean the litter box!


Saundra said...

I've cleaned many a litter box in my time and would gladly be there to help if I lived closer (I live in Delaware).

And perhaps for an hour I could convince you to pull a couple loops to unwind.

Glad you're getting some rest and freeing yourself and mother of her clutter.


moosecraft said...

Whew! So relieved that everything is smoothing out... glad you are able to get some better rest now.

denise said...

wonderful news. denise

WoolenSails said...

I am glad that things went well and you can get a little break while they are in the hospitals. I hate doing cat litter, a necessary evil, lol.


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Glad you got some rest and that they are improving.

Orange Sink said...

I think the prayers are working! Yay! Glad both parents are doing as good as they can now and the surgery's were successful. I know it's still a long road but the rested up daughter will be okay!!!
Love and Hugs!!!
Cathy G

John Gray said...

Shit time for you
Chin up x

John Gray said...
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annie said...

hugs, and prayers, am very thankful they are getting good care, hope all goes well. blessings, and peace to thee.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Caregiving isn't for sissies!! Hang in there! To bad the kitty can't clean it's own litter box!!!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I loved hearing that Melrose and Olivia slept on top of you and raised their prayers (or knowing kats - possibly complaints) tee hee along with the rest of us.

So much going on for your mom, when she might rather just stay in bed and sleep or at least rest. No wonder her anxiety levels are rising.

Glad to read that your Dad seems to be doing better! A beam of sunshine in a clouded rainy week!

Believe that better times are ahead and getting closer every day.