Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Storage & Organizing Dreams

any three or four of these storage pieces
would suit me fine
I am so frustrated by my
belongings right now
still haven't had to time unpack
and organize things
my clothes
my paperwork
everything is a mess
as I keep having to spend time
getting yet another verification paper
for Medicaid application
if I'd been given a
list at the beginning it would have helped
no sense complaining
that I've already turned a certain thing in
and it has been marked as scanned
Aug 12 is supposed to be the final
let's hope...

this one is a real favorite


another f dooravorite
love the chicken screen

this one might be doable


a dream room
right now mine is a nightmare!


these make me smile
wish I had time/energy to respond
to comments and emails
just know how much they are appreciated


Jacque. said...

All the storage ideas are fantastic! My room is a complete mess...cannot do anything without moving something first. It will all get done, Kelley. xo

WoolenSails said...

Very nice ides, love the second one in white and that table is gorgeous, I want one, lol.


Jacqueline said...

If only I were rich !! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

I feel your pain with the paperwork - I just went thru a 2 month fiasco with the SS dept on medicare myself. Good luck

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love the orange bins! And I'm guessingmwemall agree that responses aren't necessary ~ we're just glad to be of support to you! We never know when we may need to be on the receiving end!

Ter'e said...

Love all the chippy metal industrial pieces. My latest crave is a coffee table made to look like an old cart from a factory.....complete with wheels. Like you - I shall dream about it.
To find in FL - impossible. To find on my budget - impossible. To get Honey to make - slight possibility. I am going to withhold food!!!!!

We are always here for you Kell. You are positively a "wonder" of a daughter. If we can pipe love and strength into you, we all are, I'm sure.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

You needn't worry your head about get back to us. We love you, admire you, are here for you, and keep you in prayer.

Ah, pursuit of the perfect storage unit is liking finding the perfect purse.... Lol. Mine has to be transparent, so even though all of the pictures were great, I'd never find those worms I wanted....

For now dream about how you'd like things to be.... Sweet dreams! Jo