Wednesday, October 9, 2013


for your information

Mom does not approve

of animals in clothes...

not even sheep or dogs
especially not cats

even though this morning
she mentioned
that an orange bandana
would look good on 


Jacque. said...

lol...neither do I. And, an orange bandana would probably look cute on Melrose. Cuz it's Melrose! ~grin~

Kim said...

So I'm guessing she won't want to see Millie's Halloween dress?? Lol

WoolenSails said...

That is funny. I never put anything on mine and I doubt they would let me.


Three Sheep Studio said...

I was just at the Farm Show....
it was so cold ! Some of the sheep and goats were shaking...they needed a sweater. ;)
Cute puppy with the pumpkin orange sweater !

Ter'e said...

How cute! I love it that your mom is still expressing her opinions!!!!! YEA! What a gal!!!!

Charley and Blu have party collars this Halloween. Last year Blu was the Taz Devil and Charley was a knight. This year, they'll just wear their darling party collars and call it a day!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

We've never tried dressing or kats, except for Jen when Smokey was a kitten. She loved to dress her in doll clothes, and carry her around in a blanket. Smokey was so happy to have a home, she just let her do it.

Your mom's perm is lovely. :)