Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birds & Books

Books have always been
at the top of my favorites list
my reading list is
longer every day
For so long this
is year I found I couldn't read
fiction...only Alzheimer's care books
my mind wouldn't focus
I was always too restless
The only escape
I could find was listening to
audio books
when alone in the car
In the past week
I've been able to recover my joy of reading
the escape from this world
in to another...
finally I can relax

It's especially nice to sit in the living room
keeping Mom company while
she and Melrose watch the birds
Olivia beside me on the couch

Mom is stitching a little
in between bird and squirrel watching
I'm still loaded down with paperwork
so not much stitching
hooking will have to wait even longer
because I make such a mess
you have no idea


jennifer768 said...

Glad that you are able to find escape in books.My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you both.Blessings,Jen

Pam in IL said...

I'm glad to hear that your mom is stitching a little and enjoying the birds and squirrels. Also glad to hear that you're able to read and relax too.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I find books and reading can help me cope with just about anything. Love your header

Saundra said...

Sweetie, I make one HUGE mess when I hook and think that goes with the territory. However, do think you are in a place right now where you need order and not more chaos. So what you are doing now is good.

My thoughts are with you daily. HUGS.


WoolenSails said...

I think just being more relaxed and being able to think ahead more, is a nice start to the rough year you have had.


Kathy F said...

I understand the caregivers world as my husband has been fighting brain cancer for almost 4 years. Now my elderly mother will be joining our household soon. I have started to do needlepunch as it isn't nearly as complicated as my cross tiny linen requiring the magnifier...just rhythmic punching & a needle fix!! Psalm 91....feel the feathers.
Hope always...Kathy

Roberta said...

I'm glad you found an absorbing book to enjoy and that your mom is enjoying stitching and nature watching. ~Roberta

annie said...

so glad you have found joy in books again! I have always loved books!
hugs to you and your Mom, I love seeing the birds too. not bragging, but I can call them here, wild ones, and they come near. it brings me much joy, and I don't feed them, but still they come.

Jacque. said...

I completely get that you were unable to focus. So I am very happy that you are able to enjoy books again. xo