Monday, December 9, 2013


searching online for some
fidget toys
I happened upon this apron
from etsy seller
I've seen fidget aprons before
and have always wanted to make one for Mom
until then I'm heading to the toy store
hoping to find some
good twisting toys
she sure could have used one yesterday
pain meds made her extremely agitated
finally got to sleep after 11 pm
a change in meds really helped
this girl had to appear again
during the run around about
having a sitter for Mom
no way is it safe to leave her alone
when she gets her good leg over the railing
wanting to stand up and go home...
For now she has a sitter
they want to move her from her private room
to one with a room mate
waiting to hear from the ortho
Dr about our options...


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

LOVE the apron ~ wow...that could keep me busy for days!

Susan said...


I worked with an RN who told me she would never leave someone she loved in the hospital without an advocate ( read assertive family member). Even the ones who are doing their best are still employees required to follow rules. Rules that might not be best for the patient.

Praying for strength and compassion for all.

acorn hollow said...

Love the apron! it is never easy to be in the care giver position.
keeping you in my thoughts.

Jacque. said...

WOW...I had never heard of this before. Great idea. Love the one shown. xo

Karen said...

What an interesting apron. Never heard of a fidgeting apron but a neat idea.