Monday, June 23, 2014

Always Distracted

intending to do just a little paperwork
before getting to the hooking
I ended up spending hours at it...
ah well,
at least the sewing room is a little neater
and I'm thinking about hooking
can't decide between 
a Woolen Memories design
(there are a few in my stash)


Bobbie said...

Have a great day hooking, Kelley...the paperwork can wait! Enjoy your day!!! Your mom looks so good!! I'm stuck in the basement hooking for me today!!

Saundra said...

I certainly understand the 'distractions' thing and I swear I've got ADD. When you get something on your frame I'll be excited to see it.


WoolenSails said...

I know that feeling, spend hours doing something I thought would be a few minutes, lol. Hook what makes you happy right now, not what has to be done or you think you should do, but what you want to do, because it makes you happy:)


woollylottrugs said...

Oh I love Sparhawk. I have had it for years. Maybe next year. I really downsized my patterns last year but I kept spar hawk. Love that one. Anything you hook will be perfect. Design a new book.....I'm in line first!!!


marly said...

At least you can find your papers! For me, that would be a plus.

quiltsbycheri said...

am easily distracted too but it's not paperwork....Pintrest!