Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rag Rugs

Mom needs a project
something we can do together
or she can work on alone
she is so BORED

we have a few frames left
that my dear BIL Frank made us years ago
so I thought we could weave a few mats
start small with 9" squares
then maybe on to larger pieces...
found this example on Pinterest
first we'll work on the strips
rolling them in to rag balls...
will need to look at my book
for directions on how-to from there
it's been years since weave done this
praying it is something that will
interest her and make her feel useful
I told her we're going to give them away
she loves that idea!
day off yesterday
spent most of it sleeping
and running with the stomach flu
or more likely reaction from delicious pasta and sauce
lunch and dinner the day before
either way...I got lots of rest
watched lots of Fringe episodes
and brushed a bushel of fur of Melrose
feeling much better today
good thing
took the day off to go with Mom to ortho doc
think it's been 6 months since her last visit
hoping we won't need to go back
this is about the size we'll start with


Orange Sink said...

Hi Kelley,
I love those old rag rugs and have a collection of the old balls.... an art in themselves. That should be fun and relaxing for you both. That rug weaving frame is quite interesting! I like the small ones and the little mug rugs will be great as gifts!
Stay feeling better... and rested!
Happy weaving!!
Cathy G

WoolenSails said...

I love the idea of making rag rugs but don't have a big frame. I do have a smaller wood one that i found in a thrift. I think it might be something fun for her or if she knows how to crochet, maybe the crochet ones?


Jacque. said...

What a great idea! Just making the rag balls themselves will give her something to occupy her hands. Those little mats would be wonderful to make...looking forward to seeing them. xo

marly said...

Great idea. This reminds me of my potholder weaving days of youth!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

what a perfect way to utilize old fabric, and keep your momma's heart & hands full ~ looking forward to the finished mats!
hoping you're feeling better ~

Jacqueline said...

Would love to follow the progression. You are such a good daughter.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love the look of the rag balls by themselves, even better yet when they can then be used to make mats and rugs. Hope you're feeling better !

Saundra said...

I still have my rag rug frame and a ton of fabric so I should start another one day. I've made a couple of those rag rugs and it was addicting as well as fun.