Saturday, July 19, 2014


while waiting for lunch to arrive
Mom worked on cutting strips for the mats
it kept her busy for a while...
by the time lunch arrived
the only thing she wanted was the Black Forest Cake
I think she was trying to
stage a hunger strike until I drove her home
resisting the cake was too much
then she forgot about being upset
ate the watermelon and pineapple I brought
minute by minute it goes
*Mom was thrilled to find jeans in her closet this morning
she thought they were someone else's
but decided to try them on anyway!
a few days ago one of her friends
had dark jeans on at lunch
Mom went on and on about them
how she needed a pair too
they had a good time talking about them
before lunch

Stephanie and Mom on their walk
I thought they were going to bingo
driving out I saw them
with no umbrella
(it was barely drizzling)
opened the window to offer a large or small
Mom picked the large colorful one
Stephanie just graduated from high school
she will be going away to university later this summer
we're going to miss her a lot
She and her sister Bailey have
been sitting with Mom for a while now
she really enjoys their company
(most of the time)
Bailey will be a senior this year
for now Mom says she'll be fine when they go back
am hoping Bailey will have Sat or Sun free
some weeks
I'm be looking for another person
just in case
these two will be hard to replace
they are so good with Mom


marly said...

I wouldn't resist the cake either. We had a hard time finding companions and ended up with 3 ladies over 70. They were wonderful.

WoolenSails said...

Yummy cake is the best way to take our minds off of other things, lol. Good to see your mom getting outside, even a little drizzle can be fun on a hot summer day.


Mr Puddy said...

I do think the same as Woolensails cause I love fresh air myself :)
And purrs for the person , you are looking for

Jacque. said...

Good to see your Mom working on something. How are you doing? Taking care of yourself? xo

annie said...

Good for her!
Let her have cake!
And the fruit!
She seems very precious!
Hope you find some new helpers!
You are a very good daughter.
Bless you both! Hugs!

Raymond Homestead said...

Cake would be my choice too! Looks like she was enjoying cutting those strips! Hope you will find some extra help.