Sunday, October 26, 2014


going for a walk can be tough
Kit Kat follows along
then gets in front of us
a few dozen times for rollies

we take a break at the stone bench
time for her snack
and lots of petting

Mom is still having headaches daily
CT scan showed some inflammation
old infarcts (stroke)
her doctor is deciding on the best course of treatment
right now if she gets her Tylenol on time
she is fine...

today it was late
so she needed to rest her eyes a lot


yesterday I fell while filling her bird feeders
scared "the dickens" out of both of us
I'm lucky to be fine
hit my head and turned my ankle under
mostly pretty sore today
I have a hard head
which was covered in birdseed when I got up
was shaking it out of my hair all day

we played bingo with another resident and her two daughters
(the ones who talk so much)

Mom won 4 games!!!
that's $1 in quarters
we add it to the bird food fund

one of these days I'll get around
to taking pics of all the mats I've made
the past few months
still waiting for the finishing thread clipping
I can see no decrease in our stash either

Happy Glorious Day!


Kim said...

It's nice that Momma and KitKat have bonded. It will be good for her. And sorry about your fall. But I have to admit when you said you were shaking bird seed out of your hair I couldn't help but think of the pigeon lady in the park from Home Alone 2. (Sorry, I'm warped)

Mr Puddy said...

Lovely to hear your mom and yourself have a good time with kitty.
And purrs for your mom & you !
I hope you both is getting better :)
Take care

PS : mom's father inlaw used to have stroke in da level .. He couldn't read anymore. Some function don't work. And then he changes the way he eat and now he is getting better and able to read something

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a fun day with your mom, except for the mishap;)


Jacque. said...

oh good grief...don't be falling, Kelley Girl! Are you sure you're okay? xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

Glad your fall wasn't worse! I hope the soreness passes quickly.
Hugs :)

Orange Sink said...

Oh my goodness Kelley! Glad you didn't break a bone but I know how sore you must feel! When feet go out from under us it is pretty scary! Soak in a nice warm tub to ease the soreness! Your mom sure has beautiful white hair! Glad she is enjoying that kitty and getting outside on these gorgeous days!
Stay on your feet!!
Cathy G

marly said...

Glad you're OK. Good thing the birds didn't attack your head for food! I hope your mom's headaches improve.

Cynthia Lott said...

ouch Kelley girl!! Hope you're ok. your'e luck you didn't break anything. It's amazing how fast falls happen. Your mom looks great, love little Kit Kat, hope her headaches go away. No fun, for sure!


cucki said...

oh dear..i hope you are feeling ok..
sending you and your mom lots of love
cucki x