Sunday, November 30, 2014


now that my saving goal for 2014 is complete
there is an opening for a new goal
I like the idea of finding balance in my life
I've been in a rut for years
one thing of the many missing parts
has been regular exercise
my indoor bike just sits there most days
collecting dust and cat fur
between now and December 1, 2015
my goal is 5000 miles
I did 3 miles this morning...
4997 to go

I'd like to add some fun to my life next year
any suggestions?


Jacque. said...

You go, girl! xo

marly said...

What a great idea. I could try that on my noisy as hell treadmill that I hate. And put a dollar in a jar for every mile! To start, I'll be lucky if I make 50 cents. As for the fun, I am very boring, can't help you.

primitivebettys said...

Awesome!!! I should join you with the Miles Count!! I don't have an inside bike, but I have a rowing machine thingymajig... and I could walk! :-)

Liz D said...

Hi I applaud your ambition but maybe it s too much!? Or is it my math: 5000 miles in 400 days would mean you have to walk 12.5 [approx] miles a day every single day.

I walk on my beach daily [used to do 5 miles a day, health issues have cut that back] and my puppy keeps me from chickening out...he and I walk 3 miles a day now in addition to my beach hikes, and sometimes I m very tired after that!

A fun thing that I find inspiring is Map My Walk app for iPhone or Android. It s very cool when you see you ve walked 100 miles in November or whatever.

And get a pair of good cushioning comfy shoes.

good luck!

lizzy at gone to the beach

WoolenSails said...

Good going and i know we all tend to forget to exercise when we are too busy with life and our crafting. For me fun is doing something different, just for fun and just because. That is how we find some fun new places and today I found the old prim store is back with new owners, yehhh. Now they are mainly a consignment store, so lots of antiques and hand made prims.


Christine said...

Wow.....what a wonderful idea ! My goal for 2014 was to ride a regular bicycle......due to knee , back issues I have not been able to, I did accomlish that....I also have a exercise bike that sits that the weather is cold and wet, this is such idea to keep my riding goal alive ....I also like the idea of putting $ in a jar. Good luck and thank you !

Lori said...

Fun for your life? How about finding one fun/different thing to do every month? I did that when i turned 50 and it made the year so memorable. One month was an outdoor concert, another time was walking through the neighborhood in the city that goes all out for Christmas decorating, I wanted to do a zip line, but couldn't find one close enough to where I live. Some things were very simple, but I still had to set aside the day and make a point of doing it. Have a wonderful holiday season.