Saturday, November 8, 2014


Mom in her favorite chair
eating a slice of pumpkin pie
after lunch
the fried potatoes were the biggest hit
then the scrambled eggs with cheese
she loves potatoes!

sister Judy was here for a while
we sat in the living room and talked
Mom in her comfy chair
after Judy left
we talked more
Mom enjoyed looking out at the bird feeder
Melrose and Olivia were in and out of the room
sniffing the wheelchair ~ hiding under it
entertaining Mom
she had about an hour nap
waking up occasionally...looking around
sigh of relief back to sleep
at one point she said
"looks like I won't be going to Sears anymore"
she calls the facility Sears sometimes, where she used to work
only when our ride got here
did she ask why she couldn't stay
I always explain it's my fault because I have to work
and she wouldn't want to stay here alone
it works
oh, she's not happy about it
but understands
she asked where Daddy was
I showed her the walnut box with his ashes
we talked about how lucky we were to have him
how we miss him
she was fine with it
much better than thinking he doesn't call
since he's with a girlfriend
(her sometimes worry)
turned my back on her for a minute
to boil water for tea...
when I turned around
she asked for her walker
as she just tried to stand up on her own
which thankfully didn't work
kept wanting to try and
"just walk across the room"
we checked out all the rooms when she first arrived
in the sewing room she told me
this is a nice house for me
that soon she would be back
when we could sit around and stitch all day
we were sitting in her bedroom
going through her box of hats
she asked why she felt so sad
how to answer that...
I said maybe it was visiting the house
no, she said that's not it
I suggested it was being here without Dad
she agreed that was probably it
then moved on to quilt talk...
a good day for both of us
back at the facility
her nurse and aides were happy to hear how it went
with her friends at the table
I felt okay to leave
so she could settle back in
today it will back to normal
bingo after lunch
every day before I leave I ask
what she might like tomorrow
she asked for a chocolate cupcake...
if only our all wishes were so easy


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful day with your mom, even with the little things that popped up, she sounds much more lucid and understanding of her situation so you could enjoy the time together.


Orange Sink said...

Bless your mom's heart and bless you Kelley. Your post made me cry but still feeling comfort in the fact your Mom is so well cared for. Yes our needs should be so simple as a chocolate cupcake!
Bigs hugs and one for your mom too!!
Cathy G

carol fun said...

It is great that you can have these good moments with your Mom - you brought a tear to my eye and reminded me how fleeting life is. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way -

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sweet, Kelley. I'm so happy the visit went well ~ for both of you.

Susan said...

Making memories for when you really need them. You are one sweet daughter.

marly said...

So wonderful.

Jacque. said...

Your Mom has the most wonderful daughter in the world. xo

Kim said...

I'm crying. So glad the visit went well.

annie said...

thankful the visit went well,
hugs, you're a good girl for your Mom.

Mr Puddy said...

Me do agree with Jacque. You are really wonderful daughter ! And I'm sure your mom feels the same way as us.
(( Hug ))

Karen said...

I see some kind of quilted piece beneath your mom's head. Is it something you made? It must be hard to deal with the alzheimer's disease. My mother-in-law had a form of it.

cucki said...

So sweet... I'm so happy the visit went well ...big hugs x

Cynthia Lott said...

I feel so many emotions when I read your blog Kelley. I am so happy that taking mom home for a bit went so well. She tooks comfy in her big chair. I also can't blieve it's a year since your dad passed. I guess for you is seems like eternity, for me it just seems like yesterday. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God Wrap you in his arms and comfort you. Cyndi xoxoxo

Kim said...

You're doing such a good job with your Mom, brings back memories of my Mom when she was in the nursing home, I was there for her like you are for your Mom, my Mom also thought she worked at the place and talked of my Dad as well, those were some very precious times we spent together.... also heart wrenching at the same time, it is not easy.....

Dianntha Lessig said...

Oh my, how fortunate you are to have your Mother.....makes my heart hurt. Dianntha

Linda C said...

Treasure the memories good and bad. Beautiful story of your mum's visit.