Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Melrose and Mom

from day one
Melrose has always loved Mom
when she was home for the visit a few weeks ago
he could hardly believe his eyes...
he doesn't need to be petted
or fussed with
he just looks upon the one he loves
he does it with me all the time
Olivia must be climbing on me or being petted
he's happy to remain across the room
keeping an eye on me


Jacque. said...

What a sweet boy, Melrose!! xo

WoolenSails said...

He is a sweet guy, I think males tend to be like that. Moki and izzy seems to want more attention and get into more trouble since I got the puppy.


jan said...

Oh how I wish Sugar was more like Melrose. With Sugar it is the me show all the time. If she is awake she wants my undivided attention. Touching, talking - hard to do anything when she is up. The most needy kitty I have ever had. Probably because she didnt have any love or attention from humans until she was 3 years old. Love her dearly just hard to spread myself thin enough :)

Annika said...

He is really a sweet guy.