Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quilt Lovers

mom like the snowman with birds
thinks it would make a great hooked rug
me too

hand to face...
she seriously loves this page

another sign she loves it!
Anne is next to Mom
checking out a food catalogue
she is frowning at the prices!

her favorite
the cover quilt from
Simply Vintage magazine
reading the description
rarely happens anymore...
The lady next to mom is also a quilter
we love sharing our magazines with her
as well as showing off fabric
nice to have a kindred spirit
Have noticed the clothing protectors
the ladies are wearing?
Mom refuses the ones with the bright colors
she can barely tolerate the drab pink
Please add a prayer for my dear BIL Frank
some continuing issues with his heart
have kept him in the hospital
planning a procedure for tomorrow...


WoolenSails said...

It is good to see your mom enjoying what she loves and the magazine is a great idea for her and something you can share together. Prayers coming for Frank, and hoping he will get the right care and be able to go home soon.


Cynthia Lott said...

So happy that you found that book for your mom. She is really enjoying it. Sending prayers and healing thoughts!

annie said...

continuing to pray for your precious Mom, any you. and will for Frank too. so good she found one she likes! And a friend too!

Jacque. said...

I pray for you every night, Kelley Girl...and will certainly add in your brother-in-law. Your Mom looks very content in those photos. LOVE the header! xo

Kim said...

The clothing protectors remind me of the "Activity Apron" they made for my Mom when she started having trouble with staying focused on a task. It had 7 or 8 pockets in it and each held a little something. A bracelet, a little stuffed thing, etc. Worked great.