Friday, January 2, 2015

Reality Check

this guy sums it all up
I prefer food to exercise
it certainly shows


in case you didn't notice
the exercise tracker has been removed from my blog
increased bike riding caused knee pain
causing a visit with my ortho doctor
long story short
I'm finding other ways to exercise
in addition to physical therapy
the exercise I love the most is walking outside
but considering my chronic foot/ankle issues
that's not happening
it's "sit and be fit" for me
weight loss and strengthening knees
before my next ortho visit
should buy me more options

it just so happens my next appointment
is the week after our diet contest ends at work
one of our radiologists is going all out
for us...
for $20 you join the contest
(so far over 20 people are in
from obese to really???)
we start next Friday ~ end May 1
private weigh in
winners determined by % lost
First Prize: $500
Second Prize: $250
3-5 prizes luxury baskets
He lost a bunch of weight last year
feeling so much better
he'd like the rest of us to feel that way too
my main motivation is to feel better
be healthier
with Frank's recent heart surgery my eyes have been opened
or maybe just pulling my head out my butt
my first weigh in will be a week from today
but I've already started
I'm determined to win one of the cash prizes
visions of wool dancing before my eyes


Jacqueline said...

Nothing like a cash incentive to keep you motivated. Worked for me last summer, yep I took their money but unfortunately I have gained all my loss back. Darn

Jacque. said...

You go, girl! xo

WoolenSails said...

It is fun to have a goal and make it a contest with others, great motivation. I always gain weight in the winter, need it for warmth, lol.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Good luck to you, but don't start until next week!!! Every pound lost will be!
Happy New Year.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

Oh Kelley I totally understand the pain issue. I have osteo arthritis in my hands (some fingers and knuckles more than others); have hammer toes on both feet, bunions on both feet with one growing to the side and one growing up. It hurts to walk but I do it when walking my dog 3 times a day.

Long story short, any walking even in segments, is still exercise. Just tonight (before your message) wondered what I'd do to have a companion after Ben. Thought about a cat (which I've owned before) but what I need is a dog to force me to walk as I need the exercise.

annie said...

good for you!

I need to move it too!

hope you get the cash!
and all the great benefits!

Kim said...

You can do it!